Summary: many things will happens to us in the presence of God... Disciples are spending time in the presence of God and getting ready for another miracle.. it is not the 15000 being fed... it is what happened to them...

In the presence of the Lord

John. 6:5-14

When you are in the presence of the Lord you are ready for the supernatural. When you spend time with the Lord you can expect some dramatic experience. No one went back the same way fro the master’s presence.

Jesus was with the disciples and he saw a multitude coming towards him. He wanted to get the disciples ready for another miraculous day.

1. Face the needs of multitude than our needs. John. 6: 5

Their concern is how we buy the bread….

If you are in the presence of God then you will be challenged to see the need of the society

v Isaiah the prophet one day came to the presence of God and heard the need “who will go for us”

v Are your ready to see the need of the community

v Many of us cannot see the need is because you are not spending enough time in His presence.

2. Face the test of the Lord. John. 6:6

He asked them to see how they respond,

Jesus already know what he is going to do,

He has a plan and no one delay his plan. It is good to be part of the great plan. He wanted to bring a revival to the city, he wanted to see the souls saved, he wanted to see the deliverance in the city. He wanted to you become part of the great move of God in this generation.

He has plan in his mind, what we need to do is to comply to the mind of God.

3. Your faith and commitment will be challenged. John. 6:6

He already know what he is about to do, but wanted to how the faith is… it easy to surrender for the purpose of God…

Do you have the faith to see the break though in your home? Are will in to grow in faith and see the miracle in your home.

4. The problem will become an opportunity. John. 6:5

How “we” buy food…

You have a problem. It is God given opportunity.

Every problem we can use as an opportunity to reach to the community.

5. Your small resource will become enough for the need of the time.

John. 6:9

There is a lad here… only five..

He does not need it but if you have something for him you can reap the blessing

He does not care what you give him. Jesus already had a plan in mind.

6. We become risk takers and bold John. 6:10

Make them sit down with out seeing the food in the hand….

Future belongs to the people who take some risks.

Are you a risk taker

Can I see you as a person who moves by the faith than by sight? You can live by sight; you will not be able save us

7. We will make some step of faith John 6:10

Faith without word is dead (James)…..

8. We are in the presence of the miracle worker. John. 6:11-13

More than enough.. Collected twelve basket of leftovers…

He can do bring back the result even from emptiness

We are in the presences of the super natural;

By faith they were able to achieve many things in this world.

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