Summary: This spiritual warfare series handles the topic in a different way: using Paul’s teaching on each piece of the armor from the previous chapters helps us to see the meaning of this war--less about attacking Satan and more about pursuing God! Truth is the f

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“I Will Prevail!” Spiritual Warfare Series

Ephesians 6:10-18

“I Will Prevail In Truth”

I have found that spiritual warfare is less about naming demons and more about living a life totally drenched in the desire to follow Jesus Christ!

A life that is right with God is what threatens the enemy the most.


A prevailing person is one who has strength in their struggle to stand for Jesus!

The strength for your struggle to stand for Jesus and draw closer to God has already been supplied! = IN THE LORD = Jesus Christ has already provided you with everything you need!

When you are under attack, know this: You must be doing something right!

You have assignments for you AND against you!

Right thinking produces right acting.

To give us strength in our struggle to stand for Jesus…

Paul tells us to buckle up with the belt of

1. TRUTH and have it buckled around our waist.

Ephesian teaching about truth: 1:13, 4:15, 21, 24, 25, 5:9.

The more truth you have in your life, the closer to God you become!

the enemy becomes so recognizable in his schemes and secret attacks and assignments! Putting on the armor is putting on the “new self” Paul speaks in 4:24. It is imitating Christ as 5:1 states.

So with the belt of truth, we are told to:

1. HEAR the word of Truth

2. TRUST the truth that is in Christ;

3. LIVE truth by practicing honesty and integrity!

4. SPEAK truth in love

5. Get TAUGHT Truth in Jesus

6. Allow the TRUTH to transform our behavior towards God’s will = righteousness and holiness

7. The FRUIT of the Light is in … good, right, and Truth


1. Is the command given by Paul here to put on the whole armor of God given to one individual or to the whole church?

--So Paul understood that armament is a corporate connection = it takes all of us to help each other put on this armor!

2. How does a discipled warrior walk into the battle differently than a non-discipled believer?

--Joy comes from discipline and discipline comes from commitments and commitments begin with our choices we make.

It is fun to play sports. It is even more fun to win in them. But at times the church looks more like the “bad news bears” than the sons and daughters of the Lion of Judah!

3. Who is easier for the enemy to defeat, a disciplined warrior or a non-disciplined one?

--Strategies come from study and experience, not from arm-chair Christians! Satan is strategizing against you and putting out assignments against you for your defeat. Paul calls these “schemes”. You know what, you are strategizer too!

We, as a church, must consider strategies and methods for helping our members apply faith to every sphere of life! How are we going to do that?

So what are you going to do? What are your plans? What strategies do you have in place to PUT ON THE BELT OF TRUTH?

So if the Word says we are to:

1. HEAR the word of Truth, are you choosing to listen to things and people who a re speaking truth? Are you filtering out by your choices the input of lies and falsehoods, and choosing communication that is truthful.

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