Summary: It is our willingness to give God a preview that shows God that we will not forget what He will do because we refuse to overlook what He has already done! It is our preview that shows God that we won't take the miracle we are asking for for granted becaus


I don't get to watch a ton of movies. I don't go to the movies so I am usually way behind on what I do get to watch. It is after I have heard about a movie and watched the build up of excitement that I finally go and rent the video. However, when I get the video more often than not my favorite part of the entire video is not the actual movie, but rather the previews that are at the beginning of the movie. Small glimpses what can be expected or what is on the the way before it is actually seen in full. A small taste. A small sample. An example that causes you to want to see the whole thing!

What that experience sitting in front of the DVD player is is basically a very good and basic definition of faith. To see a glimpse of something before it is actually seen in full. That is how Hebrews defines faith.

TEXT: Hebrews 11:1

11 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

There is power in a preview. Walt Disney understood previews. He had one.

When Disney World first opened, Mrs. Walt Disney was asked to speak at the grand opening, since Walt had already passed away. She was introduced by a man who said, "Mrs Disney, I just wish Walt could have seen this." She stood up and said, "He did," and then sat back down.

Preview! Walt Disney saw Disney World in his heart before it ever actually existed. That is faith!

It is extremely important and God commanded for us to have enough faith to see things the way they will be before they actually happen! Without faith it is impossible to please God! Faith is essential. So I am for faith! I am for having a preview of what is to be. However, this morning I want to challenge you that we need to understand another aspect of Preview and I want to tell you that I believe it is absolutely essential, necessary and perhaps one of the greatest neglected keys to our and your breakthrough! I believe that as important as it is for you to have a preview it is also crucial and key to flip the tables on God. I want us to learn to give God a preview!

I can traipse you through Scripture and show you faith. Moments when people had vision to see things before they ever saw the fulfillment of that vision. We like to spend time studying their faith. However, I can also show you some guys who actually gave God a preview. They gave God a glimpse of what He could expect before anything ever changed in their circumstance! Give God a preview!

Let me throw some of them out there that we can learn from!

Abraham (Heb. 11:8, 17) - Abraham feels directed to leave his home, his family, his inheritance and his comfort zone. He steps out in faith headed to a land he did not know! Then Abraham, after receiving the son of promise, is directed to take the life of the very promise that he has waited years to see come into existence. Abraham was a man who understood faith. But he understood the power of giving God a preview. Before Abraham ever catches a glimpse of the ram in the thicket. . . see we like to paint the picture that as he is raising the knife the whole time out of the corner of his eye he spies a ram. No . . . he is plunging the knife towards the chest of his beloved and the angel has to stop him. Abraham shows God I will respond in obedience and trust even if it hurts! He gives a glimpse of complete and total trust even before he knows there is a provision.

Job - He loses everything. House, health, wealth, and worse yet his kids. All destroyed. All dead. All lost. But Job knew the power of a preview. He declares "Though He slay me yet will I trust Him!". His house hadn't been restored yet. He was still covered with sores and boils. He still sees the cemetery with gravestones. It would have been one thing if he had made that declaration when everything has been given back double. No, he makes this statement at the low of lows. He shows God that he will remain faithful regardless. His preview screams, "You can trust me to trust you!"

3 Hebrew Children - These 3 young men make a preview packed statement. "Our God is able to deliver us but even if He chooses not to we will not bow down!" They show God that they would be faithful before the fourth man shows up. It is one thing to be rubbing shoulders with the fourth man and to grow real bold and real sure, but what is the preview you are giving before He shows up? It is easy to show no fear when Jesus is walking in the fire with you, but what are you showing before He gets there and the flames are getting hot?

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