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Pride & Prejudice: Galatians 2:11-14

1) Dr. King said "Racism is the Black Mans Burden and Americas Shame". In other words the subject of race in America is a Taboo Topic many Americans and Christians would rather not Deal with and Discuss. However the recent tragic events in Our Nation seem to Remind us that the issues of Race will not go Away but must be Addressed in order for us to move forward as a Nation and a People.

2) As our Nation and the Church faces a number of threats on a number of fronts I believe it's imperative, especially as it relates to the Church that we work to Stand United and Come together as One. That we break down barriers that divide us and Build on the things that Unite Us and Stand together as One.

3) Paul with the Apostolic Authority and Wisdom God Gave him addressed the issue of Pride and Prejudice and Racial Reconciliation. Galatians is a book written by Paul intending to refute the message of Jewish legalist who've started to teach that in addition to Christ the newly saved Gentiles must also adhere to the mosaic laws and the customs and traditions of the Jews.

4) Paul's message was that Christ alone was enough and that Christ was sufficient and superior to the Jewish system formally established and that the Gentiles didn't need to adhere to these things. For some of them Paul was too liberal and he was to seeker friendly. They needed to see more outwardly from these believers.

5) Paul was neither Liberal or Legalist. He preached a balanced message of faith demonstrated by works. Not works or outward demonstrations or religiosity like circumcision but circumcision of the heart. Circumcision was a sign of covenant relationship. God commanded Abraham in Genesis 15 to circumcise his descendants and moses told them all to circumcise as a means of being separated and pure to God.

6) So the Jewish people who were very proud had used this as a measure of relationship with God for years. They prided themselves in being the people who were preferred of God. I mean of all the nation's of the earth God chose them and decided to use them as a light to the nation's they were a chosen people by God. So it was easy to see how they could become proud and prejudice. So when God Established the Church and a New Covenant. He had to change their way of thinking.

I. It Involved Reprogramming

A. They had to UnderGo a Process

1) God had to reprogram Israel, his chosen people and teach them now to accept and embrace newly adopted citizens into the kingdom. Here they were for so long the only child of a wealthy father and God went and adopted children from Africa, Asia, & Europe and they now had to embrace them accept them and share with them all that they were use to having by themselves.

2) God used Paul to help reprogram them. Remember Paul was the main one who originally rejected Christ and despised this ideal of Judaism being replaced with Christianity. Paul Persecuted the church and was probably the most bigoted and prejudice person there was. But he was Converted on the Road to Damascus and Called to be a Witness.

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