Summary: This passage allows us a glimpse both sides of human character.

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1Pastor Allan Kircher

September 14th, 2013

Judges 8:1-21


**Please note that sermon is condensed. You need to add in between the /.

Intro: some time/looking at the lives/Judges of Israel.

• Background of/Ehud/Shamgar/Deborah/Barak

• Gideon/fearful young man when/Lord selected him

• reluctant to obey/Lord’s call on his life at first

• Eventually he did as the Lord commanded.

Gideon led a tiny force of just 300 men against/135,000.

• God intervened gave Gideon/men an astounding victory.

• Midianites put to flight and suffered terrible losses.

• Only 15,000 men were left from 135,000 men

Chapter records/events/occurred immediately after the conflict.

• not everyone Israel excited great victory God given Gideon

• Some in Israel more concerned their personal profit

• More concerned/pride than what God had done.

• They failed to grasp the big picture.

• They were too focused on their own interests.


This passage allows us a glimpse both sides of human character.

One hand we see those who cared/nothing/personal pride/glory.

• Cared nothing but themselves.

Other hand we see those who/motivated/glory of God.

• we see some who persisted/face of opposition,

• Persisted through criticism and overwhelming odds.

• I want/examine this text/preach

• Pride, Politics, and Persistence.

• I want/point out/types/people/present themselves/this text.

• Let us also consider ourselves. Which side issue/you on?



A. v. 1 The Criticism of Ephraim

• After/Midianites were defeated/were on the run

• Gideon sent messengers/men/Ephraim/pursue Midianites.

Ephraimites did this/they killed two/princes/Midianites and brought their heads to Gideon, Judges 7:24-25.

• When they met up/Gideon/began/criticize him.

• Want to know why they weren’t asked to join the battle.

• Bible says they “criticized him sharply”

• Attacked Gideon because he/not called them/battle.


Helpful/take/minute/talk about/tribe of Ephraim.

• Largest/all/tribes

• Tabernacle/located/Shiloh/in Ephraim.

• Descended/Joseph/Egyptian wife. Asenath.

• Tribe that was proud/heritage/influence/power.

• They wanted/respect/rest/tribes.

Ephraim/often/wrong side/spiritual matters.

Later, during/reign/judge Jephthah, would again complain that they had been left out of a battle, Judges 12:1-4.

Hosea 7:8, God says Ephraim “cake not turned over”.

• Overcooked/bottom/raw on the top.

• Hot toward/world---cold toward God.

Ephraim/tribe marked by trouble, pride/selfishness.

• Another powerful rebuke/pride/Ephraim/found/Psalm 78:9

“The men of Ephraim, though armed with bows, turned back on the day of battle.”


• Well, here they/jealous/Gideon’s victory.

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