Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This passage allows us a glimpse both sides of human character.

1Pastor Allan Kircher

September 14th, 2013

Judges 8:1-21


**Please note that sermon is condensed. You need to add in between the /.

Intro: some time/looking at the lives/Judges of Israel.

• Background of/Ehud/Shamgar/Deborah/Barak

• Gideon/fearful young man when/Lord selected him

• reluctant to obey/Lord’s call on his life at first

• Eventually he did as the Lord commanded.

Gideon led a tiny force of just 300 men against/135,000.

• God intervened gave Gideon/men an astounding victory.

• Midianites put to flight and suffered terrible losses.

• Only 15,000 men were left from 135,000 men

Chapter records/events/occurred immediately after the conflict.

• not everyone Israel excited great victory God given Gideon

• Some in Israel more concerned their personal profit

• More concerned/pride than what God had done.

• They failed to grasp the big picture.

• They were too focused on their own interests.


This passage allows us a glimpse both sides of human character.

One hand we see those who cared/nothing/personal pride/glory.

• Cared nothing but themselves.

Other hand we see those who/motivated/glory of God.

• we see some who persisted/face of opposition,

• Persisted through criticism and overwhelming odds.

• I want/examine this text/preach

• Pride, Politics, and Persistence.

• I want/point out/types/people/present themselves/this text.

• Let us also consider ourselves. Which side issue/you on?



A. v. 1 The Criticism of Ephraim

• After/Midianites were defeated/were on the run

• Gideon sent messengers/men/Ephraim/pursue Midianites.

Ephraimites did this/they killed two/princes/Midianites and brought their heads to Gideon, Judges 7:24-25.

• When they met up/Gideon/began/criticize him.

• Want to know why they weren’t asked to join the battle.

• Bible says they “criticized him sharply”

• Attacked Gideon because he/not called them/battle.


Helpful/take/minute/talk about/tribe of Ephraim.

• Largest/all/tribes

• Tabernacle/located/Shiloh/in Ephraim.

• Descended/Joseph/Egyptian wife. Asenath.

• Tribe that was proud/heritage/influence/power.

• They wanted/respect/rest/tribes.

Ephraim/often/wrong side/spiritual matters.

Later, during/reign/judge Jephthah, would again complain that they had been left out of a battle, Judges 12:1-4.

Hosea 7:8, God says Ephraim “cake not turned over”.

• Overcooked/bottom/raw on the top.

• Hot toward/world---cold toward God.

Ephraim/tribe marked by trouble, pride/selfishness.

• Another powerful rebuke/pride/Ephraim/found/Psalm 78:9

“The men of Ephraim, though armed with bows, turned back on the day of battle.”


• Well, here they/jealous/Gideon’s victory.

• Sorry that they missed out on the spoils of war.

• Angry because they not/object /glory, they turned/Gideon.

Ephraim truly concerned/oppression/Midianites, they could have gone to war by themselves.

• Could have volunteered for Gideon’s army.

• But that never would have worked! Remember!!!!

Gideon asked/fearful/leave/battlefield or bowed to drink!

• Pride kept them/submitting/will/Lord.

Here, they concerned/wealth/glory they think they missed out on.


The Ephraimites are typical of those who are full of self.

Like prideful peacocks they:

• Strut around calling attention/themselves

When trouble comes, they are the first to flee.

• Won’t do anything

But quick lift their voice/squawk/criticize those who do.

Don’t hesitate to find fault/actions of those who are attempting to do something for God.

Plenty/people still around who think/act just like/Ephraimites

• That is an attitude the church could do without!


B. v. 2-3 The Control Of Gideon

Instead/reacting/anger/their criticism/responds very graciously

• v. 2 Gideon reminds them/Lord has blessed them.

• They already possess more than those around them.

• Gideon says, “your tribe’s least is more than my tribe’s most” Listen….v.2

• Clan..Abiezer….tribe Manassah.

Reminds them God gave/Midianite princes.


When you are doing something/Lord, you can expect to be criticized by those who do nothing.

When they attack you, your motives and your efforts

It’s easy to:

• Get sidetracked/allow anger/rule/your heart.

• Lash out and tell them off or put them in their place.

When the attacks come, and they will, we should do like Gideon and exercise control over our emotions, Pro. 15:1

Instead of getting sidetracked by our critics, we must keep our eyes on the task we have been assigned by God

Heb. 12:2…

When battles/over/we face/Judgment Seat of Christ

• Not give/account to those who challenge us.

• Give account to the Lord.

• Vital we do His work regardless of what the proud peacocks or the cruel critics do.



A. v. 4-5 A Simple Request

Gideon/men continue/pursuit/Midianites, Gideon becomes concerned about the welfare of his men.

• They pass two towns, first Succoth,then Penuel.

• Made a simple/very reasonable request/fellow Israelites.

• He asked them for bread to feed his weary men.

• A request that should have been granted w/o hesitation.

B. v. 6, 8 A Shameful Refusal

Instead coming/aid/God’s chosen deliverer, elders/both towns refused to get involved in Gideon’s fight.

These men/playing politics/things of God.

They ask Gideon, “Do you have their kings in custody?”

In other words, they are saying….

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