Summary: The final sermon from Zechariah’s Fifth Vision-a statement to all the priests of God-the Born Again children of God-the anointed ones.

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God’s people are:

A Priestly People

EOLS: We have been anointed by God to function as His priests to transmit his love and forgiveness.


Have you ever known a person who seemed to be the “go to” individual when things went wrong? This person was real, touchable-far from perfect, but there was “something” about them. People were attracted to them and those in need know that they can go there and not get a handout-but receive the truth spoken in great love.

I was raised by that man. My daddy was a priest of the most high God and I saw it demonstrated daily in my home. I’m not sure he even realized it, and only in later years would I realize through study and prayer-what he did automatically by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

(Here I will insert some personal stories of how I saw my dad reach people).

I call it “doin the business.” The business of Christ’s Kingdom is the business of every one of us who have benefited from His Grace, having received His anointing from on high.

So what is the role of a priest? The word that comes to mind immediately is “mediator.” A priest is a bridge, a conductor if you will. Another apt description could be a transmitter. The priest reaches to and knows the groundwork and the details of a higher power source. That power source can be good or it can be evil. It can be a man or it can be a god! The priest, like an electrical conductor delivers the power from the source, to the recipient-the one in need of the energy source, the “life-source” if you will. Like a radio transmitter, the priest takes a signal, converts and sends it in a way that people can hear and understand.

It’s time to drop the image of a priest in a collar, sitting in a confessional booth! You want to see a priest? Look around this room-and not just at me.

Today as we approach the final part of this series in Zechariah-I want to reacquaint us briefly with where we are in this developing vision. Zechariah continues to ponder the highly unusual apparatus that the angel is showing him.

Zechariah was still a bit perplexed-he queries the angel:

What are these two olive branches that drip into the receptacles of the two gold pipes from which the golden oil drains?

The angel answered and said:

These are the two anointed ones, who stand beside the Lord of the whole earth.

The oil delivery system, the very pipes or channels that delivered the perpetual power - was God’s two anointed men for the times: Zerubbabel the Governor and Joshua, the High Priest. The Lord had raised them up and equipped them and filled them with this unlimited supply of anointing so that they could lead God’s people to victory!

Notice the term-"anointed ones." The typical Hebrew word for "anointed" is mashiakh-which is translated "Messiah."

Jesus is spoken of as "Yeshua ha Mashchia",- Jesus the Messiah; Jesus The Anointed One. He is the unique one, the One True Savior, the One who is the very source of oil in our lamps, the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit. Yet here, in Zechariah, the Hebrew word is vene-hayyitshar, which literally translated is "Sons of Fresh Oil."

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