Summary: The descretion of the firstfruit offering

Principle of First Fruit Offering Prov. 3:9 II Cor. 9:7 (AMP)


In order to walk in any spiritual truth you need four things

Revelation- understanding at the level of my comprehension

Role Model- see the principle lived out in someone else

Regimented Faith-systematic way of applying the principle so that it will work in you situation

Righteous Resolve-Godly reason

When you understand this principle of the first fruit it will take you to another level

Giving is like sowing a seed,

Giving brings a specified return / we can target our seed

Giving a vow Job 22:27

Malachi 3: Tithe opens the window of heaven

Pro. 19:17 Give to the poor lends to the Lord

Mark 10 Sow into missions (maximum return)

Though we know about the Law of Moses we operate under the spirit of the law

We have been redeemed from the law we are not under the law

The letter kills

We study the law so we can extract from the mind of God and his intent for man

II Cor. 3:6

Rom. 15:4 whatsoever was written

Rom. 10:4 Christ is the end of the law

Study of the First Fruit origin

Prov.3:9 Honor the Lord

First Fruit

Duet 26: 1-8 first fruit it was yielded to God not the tithe

God commissioned Moses to require first fruit offering

Ex 34:26

Lev 23: 10

II Chron. 31:5

Tithe is a commandment

First fruit allows


Man inspect

Heart is involved

Not under law to bring first fruit to God

choice is based on purpose of heart

Giving is based on attitude

First fruit is not law remember we have been redeemed for the law.

John 4:23

You get more out of love than out of law

First fruit is not about the money

It is about the worship

Worship intensifies with the first fruit

Tithe again belong to the Lord

Lev 27:30

First Fruit is the Lords only after it has been set aside

John 4:23

Matt. 6:33

We must make sure that God is first, when we lose our God conscience we become a

Candidate for deception

Insensitive to sin & unrighteousness

Adapt a cynical view of other Christians

More difficult to keep a Commitment

Will become reprobate

Embarrass yourself and the kingdom of God

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