Summary: 2007 For Jesus!


It’s dark. It’s still. It’s raining softly. It’s the first moments of 2007. It seems like the whole earth is quiet. There is no noise. But if you still your mind and heart you can hear a very small, barely perceptible, almost indistinguishable sound. It’s not heard with the ears. It doesn’t come from outside-in, but it seems to originate deep within. It’s not spoken. It floats across your mind, written by some presence that you have no control over. It seems to come from beyond the sky, beyond the universe, from billions of light years away. It’s a pure, unearthly “sound”. It’s small but crystal clear.

And the sound “says”… Jesus!... Jesus!... Jesus!

The sound gets louder and louder. It spreads from one corner of the universe to the other. It stretches across the earth. It envelopes everything that has breath and even things without breath. The rocks themselves shout the sound…

Jesus!... Jesus!... Jesus!

The sound echoes and reverberates everywhere. It becomes a song, an anthem. It captures every heart. It plumbs every soul. It renews every mind. It drowns out every other song. It’s rich, beautiful, melodious, captivating, inspiring, and fulfilling. It’s full of hope, joy, mercy, and forgiveness. It banishes all darkness and demons. It’s light itself. All gloom flees from it!

Jesus!... Jesus!... Jesus!!

The sound rises gloriously. It brings peace, restores marriages and families, cities and towns, nations and continents. Sickness and disease flees from it. Depression and anger departs. Envy is erased. Hostility is harnessed. Bitterness is banished. Pride collapses on itself. Addictions drop off like sweat. Love explodes everywhere.

Jesus!... Jesus!... Jesus!

A crescendo thunders in the heavens! All creation shouts! “Worthy is the lamb that was slain to receive power and riches, wisdom and strength, honor and glory and praise! Then I heard the voices of every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and in the sea; everything in the universe cried aloud:

To the One seated on the throne, and to the Lamb, be praise and honor, glory and might. forever and ever!”

May 2007 be the year when it finally becomes all about Jesus and not about us. May all our efforts be to make Jesus famous on the earth. May His fame and renown be the desire of our hearts. May we be consumed by the thought of exalting and magnifying Jesus in all we do. And even if all of our efforts to know, love and serve Jesus were to ended up in pain, suffering , persecution and rejection, it would still be worth it. Because HE IS WORTHY of it all! He is the lamb that was slain for our sins and He has earned the right to receive the adoration of every human heart!

Jesus!... Jesus!... Jesus!