Summary: Jesus lives and holds the keys of death


Adam is dead. Abraham is dead. Moses is dead. The prophets are dead. Buddha is dead. Mohammed is dead. Krishna is dead. Confucius is dead. Mormon Joe Smith is dead. Caesar is dead. Solomon is dead. Kings, nations, cultures, civilizations, governments and great societies are dead. Everyone is dead or nearing death. However OUR REDEEMER LIVES! Jesus lives and holds the keys of death (Revelation 1:18). Jesus rose from the dead by His own power. Everybody else died and stayed dead. Jesus is therefore God in the flesh and He loves us and gives us life!

The fire of God’s love is so strong for us that He will let nothing come between us and Him, except our own free will. He will not stand idly by. He will move heaven and earth to get to us and rescue us from the pitiful condition of our own making. Much like a mother bear will annihilate anything harming her cub. Jesus has and will destroy all the enemies of our soul. Our God is a consuming fire, a jealous God. (Deuteronomy 4:24)

All our idols, all that we cherish that is vain, anything that we have erected in our ignorance between God and us, is doomed. The fire of God’s jealous love for us is about to destroy it all. He is about to rend the heavens and come down to rescue His children. He can’t bear to be apart from us much longer. The idols of money, power, life of ease, possessions, any false God that we have erected in His place is about to be consumed in the fire of His love for us. Our political leaders are fond of saying it’s the economy stupid, meaning the economy is the engine that powers America. God would probably say to us, It’s not the economy stupid, it’s sin that could kill America! God hasn’t guaranteed that America will last forever.

All the statistics that we are all very familiar with, tell us that we are in deep trouble. But have no fear! God is about to let us all know that He is still running the show. All those who believe He doesn’t exist or who mock Him are about to learn that there is a God and He loves us. He is going to tear down all the things that are between Him and us. When you hear the gurgle of the stock market and the

economy as it goes down the drain – Rejoice! When you see many lukewarm churches close – Rejoice! When you see government at all levels powerless to breathe life back into our society – Rejoice! The lover of our souls will be moving powerfully for His beloved, us.

For when we are stripped of everything, when we are flat on our backs, we will finally be able to look up and see the beautiful face of Jesus. We will be able to finally to blow the trumpet in Zion, proclaim a fast, call an assembly, gather the people, notify the congregation, assemble the elders, gather the children… and say, Spare O Lord your people.(Joel 2:15-17) We will finally realize that the problem is our sin and the only remedy is repentance by all of God’s people for the sins of our nation. When the church is fully repentant for the sins of the nation, we will begin to see life replace our culture of death.(2 Chronicles 7:14) Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus!

***** Jesus is Lord! *****