Summary: What happens when something so perfect goes so terribly wrong. The fall is great. Let’s examine how God handled the incident between the angels and ourselves.

Delivered @ Dinsmore Baptist Church

Jacksonville, FL AM Worship Program

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What a remarkable statement we find according to II Peter 2. Can you imagine the picture in the theater of your mind. Perfect couldn’t describe their existence.

The angels that is.

Magnificent, from wing tip to wing tip. From the bottom of their feet to the tip of their heads, perfect. What happens though when they fall. Rebell against God.

I guess what we all should be concerned with is, if they could not escape the attention of God when they fell, where do we get the idea that God may overlooked our slightest of rebellion?

Let’s examine the truth in outline form.

Main Division

I. An Amazing Wonder 4a

II. An Alarming Warning 4b

Conclusion: only by the grace of God can we be confident that we’ll escape such a judgement.