Summary: Woderfully described by John is a great picture of Christ as the Lamb of God

Behold the Lamb of God

John 1:19-37

~ Each gospel paints a picture of who Jesus is..

Matthew shows Him as the King of Kings….. His Royalty

Mark shows Him as the Servant of the Lord… His Ministry

Luke displays Him as the Son of Man … Showing His Humanity

John shows Him as the Son of God…. Showing His Deity

~ The writers of the gospels gave us a picture of the greatest Man that ever lived.

This same man healed the sick, raised the dead, fed the hungry, and loved


~ His teachings were brilliant, His miracles were amazing, He looked like a man but

talked like God.

No one has ever cared for us like He cares. No one ever loved us like Jesus has and

does Love us.

John 1:19-37 read

~ Notice in verses 19, 36 were it is stated “behold the Lamb of God”

John said Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God! John used a special term for Jesus,

He referred to Him as a Lamb, out of all the terms he could have used, he chose the


History teaches us that the lamb was the only animal used twice a day in the offering


Stating the highest value of a lamb, there blood was given to cover for sins for the day.

Christ being called that Lamb by John was telling us that His blood is sufficient for our

sins every day and for ever and ever.

~ Notice in verses 30-31 says “after me cometh a man…. Whom I know not”

John had the highest honor of men; most of them prophesied that He is to come,

But John said look. “The Lamb of God” who he knew not.

John had no personal knowledge of Him. He did not know who He was till he seen Him

that day.

John is called the forerunner of Jesus, John was born six months earlier (in the flesh)

before Christ, they were cousins, and still John said he knew him not.

He may known him as his cousin, but not know Him as the Lamb of God till that day.

John did know that He was coming, and was blessed to see Him that day. As we all are!

Charles Spurgen said it best over 100 years ago…

“you may study, look, and meditate, but Jesus is a greater Savior than we can ever think Him to be. Even when our thoughts are at there highest, Jesus is more willing to love us, help us, accept us, and forgive us, then we ourselves are. It is no wonder why we call Him the Savior of our souls.”

~ Based on the scriptures…

the people were looking for a Messiah, a leader, a King, a prophet, or a great warrior.

John introduced us to this little Lamb and Dove.

The Lamb takes away sin from man.

The Dove brings God as life to the man.

The Lamb is for the redemption of fallen man.

The Dove is for a life giving anointing to unite the believer with God.