Summary: There are great dangers in keeping things hidden in our life that gets between us and God and robs us of our success.

Scripture: Gen. 31:

Title: “Gods Under The Saddle”

Introduction: God spoken to Jacob and told him to leave Laban and return to the land of his fathers. (v. 3, 13)

Jacob explained to his wives why he was leaving and how that God had blessed him with prosperity. (v. 1, 2)

Jacob was finally leaving the confines of his father in law’s powerful grip. (v. 17)

Very quickly Jacob realized it wasn’t going to be an easy departure. (v. 25)

Laban caught up with Jacob and demanded to know why he was leaving. (v. 26)

Jacob’s father in law begins to jump him about leaving secretly and taking Leah & Rachel with the grandchildren. (v. 27)

o Laban informs Jacob he had the power to hurt him for doing this, but God appeared to him and told him to be careful about how he treated Jacob. (v. 24)

Then Laban accuses Jacob of stealing his gods.

Jacob was unaware of his gods being stolen by his wife Rachel. (v. 32)


o These gods were referred to as ‘household gods’. (Common, everyday gods)

o Why steal these gods? – A lifetime of dependence on something other that God.

o Even though Rachel had seen the way God had blessed Jacob she still had idol worship in her heart.

o Maybe Rachel had taken them so that her father could not inquire about their flight.

o Every time it seemed that God wasn’t responding to their needs it was easy to pull out those hidden gods and rely on their help.


o Rachel hid these gods from everyone, even her husband!

o What are you sitting on that is hidden from even your family?

o These were LITTLE gods; nevertheless, they were idol gods!

o Do we really need anything that has to be hidden?

o Why did Rachel have to hide these gods?

GODS UNAWARE – “For Jacob knew not that Rachel had stolen them.” (v. 32)

o Are you ever puzzled because of so many difficult things hitting you?

o An attack was brought on because someone had stolen gods in their possession (A family member at that!)

o A ‘complete’ inventory was have saved Jacob a lot of trouble!


o Rachel had to lie to keep them.

o She had trouble bearing children.

o No solid record she ever got rid of them.

o Rachel put her whole family in jeopardy because of these hidden gods!

o These gods prevented ‘fruitfulness’ – She only had one more child and died!