Summary: This sermon shows how we should have the determination of a Pit Bull to do God’s will and constantly seeking and encouraging those to find Christ who do not have a relationship with Jesus the Christ.


When I think of pit bulls my mind automatically goes to that dog that has a mind set of not letting go. Once it gets a hold of you it will not let go. It is determined no matter what to hold on to its victim until its victim is dead. A pit bull’s jaws are designed to lock together once they are closed. The only way to open their mouths is to pry their mouths open or to shoot them in the head. I saw this show on HBO about pit bulls and pit bull fights. I was really shocked at how the owners of these dogs train these dogs for the fight. They strap weights on their backs and have them run around a man-made indoor track to strengthen their legs, thighs, and chest muscles which enables them to be stronger and have enormous amounts of stamina.

These dogs are trained to fight to the death. There is no retreat or no surrender with these dogs. They have been trained to have a vicious and determined mentality. Stopping with that thought, that brings me to my first of two points.


Point Number One: Looking For Help From the Helpless

Let’s look at this story with the woman that had an issue of blood. It’s not for certain exactly what type of issue, all we know is that it could have been bleeding from a cancerous tumor, it could have been bleeding from a type of aids, or it even could have been a problem with the female menstrual cycle. All we know for certain is that she had this issue for twelve long years.

Now try to picture this woman hemorrhaging for twelve long years and it could not be controlled. She had seen many doctors and had spent all of her money and her condition got worse. She felt hopeless, ashamed, embarrassed and unworthy.

The woman afflicted with an uncontrollable hemorrhage, which was considered unclean. No one could touch her or anything she touched. She was ostracized and cut off from society and excommunicated from all religious observances. If she was married, she was to be divorced. You can read this in Leviticus 15:25-27.

The fact of this woman’s uncleanness had sunk deeply into her mind, for she had been cut off from society and family. She was left all alone for twelve years. She had gone to every doctor she knew or had ever heard about, and not one was able to help her. You can read this more in detail in Matthew 5:26.

She used all of her finances to pay doctors who thought that they could solve her problem and soon found out that it was beyond their knowledge.

We all have the same problem. We often look to the helpless for help. When all else fails, there is Jesus the Christ. Most people try loddie doddie and everybody before they try Jesus. There is no need to reach the point of helplessness, there is no need to reach the end of our ropes, there is no need to become depressed.

Point Number 2: A Determined Spirit

The woman was at her wits end with this issue of blood and was without any more money. She was broke! This woman still had this issue of blood. She knows that no one wants her around; she knows that she has been excommunicated from the church; she knows that she must divorce her husband if she is married; she knows that she cannot touch anyone or anything; she knows that no one wants her around. She’s embarrassed about her condition. She ashamed about her condition, she’s feeling unworthy about her condition. All of these thoughts are racing through her mind day in and day out for twelve years. She knew in her mind and society that she was considered unclean; therefore, she felt unworthy to meet this man named Jesus the Christ.

She had heard that this man Jesus was able to heal the sick. She heard that this man named Jesus could give sight to the blind. She heard that this man named Jesus could make the lame walk. She heard that this man named Jesus could clam the raging sea. She heard that this man named Jesus could speak things into existence. She heard that this man named Jesus could raise the dead.

This woman had heard all of these things and in her heart she believed that if she could just touch the hem of His garments, she would be made whole. This hopeless woman believed what she had heard about Jesus the Christ. She believed in her thoughts and in her heart. She believed in two things. One, she believed the gospel: all that she had heard about Jesus the Christ. Two, she believed in the power of Jesus the Christ to make her whole.

Mark 1:15 says, “Repent ye and believe the gospel.”

Mark 9:23 says, “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”

This woman was determined. She was determined to touch the hem of the garment of Jesus the Christ. She had the determination of a Pit Bull. She had the Pit Bull Mentality. She was so determined to see Jesus, nothing was going to stop her. She elbowed her way to where Jesus was, fell to her knees, and touched his garment. She was not concerned about who saw her, she was not concerned who talked about her. She had that Pit Bull Mentality to not to let go. She was not going to let go of her opportunity to be made whole.


There was a man. This man had no sin. This man helped every body He could. This man taught every body He could. This ma’s name is Jesus. He took that walk down the road of Golgotha to place called the Hill of the Skull, better known as Cavalry. He carried that old rugged cross. As the blood flowed from His body while carrying that old rugged cross, Jesus did not let that distract Him. He was steadfast and unmovable to the cause.

When He arrived at the top of that old hill called “Cavalry,” they made Him lay down on that old rugged cross and began to drive the nails in His hands and His feet. The crucifixion itself was the most horrible of deaths.

As the first nail went in His left hand, He knew that nail was representing the Father which was in heaven, as the second nail went in His right hand, He knew that that nail was representing Himself, the sacrificial Lamb of God, and as the third nail went into His feet, He knew that it was representing the Holy Spirit which was soon to come.

As they raised Him up high, he was stretched wide. There were two thieves hanging there with Him. One was on the left and one was on the right. I see three nails in the body of Jesus the Christ, I see three persons hanging on the Hill of the Skull, I see three nails in each of the thieves. The number three represents the Trinity, the Triune God, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

There was the pain of the driven spikes forced through the flesh of Jesus’ hands and feet. There was the weight of His body jolting and pulling against the spikes as the cross was lifted and rocked into place. There was the scorching sun and the unquenchable thirst gnawing away at His dry mouth and throat. There was the blood oozing from His scourged back, His thorn crowned brow, His stick beaten head. In addition, just imagine the aggravation of flies, gnats, and other insects.

As Jesus hung on that old rugged cross, through it all, He was still steadfast and still unmovable. Jesus was conscience and fully aware of everything that was going on around the cross. He heard the remarks that were being about Him, He heard the lies that were being said about Him, but He still stayed steadfast and unmovable.

I just would like to use my spiritual imagination if I may. Just as death was about to enter the body of Jesus the Christ, the thief on the right made a confession to Jesus. Jesus hearing the man on His right, told death, “Hold up death, I’m no running from you I came to you willingly. I’m just putting you on pause for a minute.

Just like when we are watching a DVD movie or a video tape and we may have to leave the movies for a few minutes and don’t want to miss anything, we hit the pause button so that the movie will stop and upon our return we press the play button for the movies to resume were we left off.

This is what the thief on the right said in Luke 23:41-43, And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man hath done nothing amiss. And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom. And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.

Shortly after this Jesus gave up the ghost. There were many people that just knew that it was all over for the Jesus the Christ. Saturday morning they just knew that Jesus was done. Saturday night those same people just knew that Jesus was done. But early Sunday morning, something supernatural took place. Early Sunday morning Jesus got up. Jesus got up with all power in His hands. Say yes. Say yes.