Summary: No One can do the minimum, and receive the maximum.

1. Get the job done

One thing Millionaires have in common... Hard Workers

One was asked why he worked 14 hour days,

“Americans can survive working 8 hours a day, anything over 8, is an investment in my future”

No One can do the minimum, and receive the maximum

Credit Cards:

If you owe $5,000.... Make minimum payment @ 18%

Takes 46 yrs...Your total cost = $18,926

No One can do the minimum, and receive the maximum


Set your mind to do something.... AND DO IT

Finish what you start

2. Be willing to go the Extra Mile-

Matthew 5:41 And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.

Responsible people never say, “THAT’S NOT MY JOB”

Be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done

Our staff here @ church... It’s your Job

Plumbers, Janitors, Electricians, Carpenters,.... WE’LL DO WHATEVER

Put what needs to be done... Ahead of Your AGENDA

Problem in a lot of marriages...

They want what they want.. Instead what need

3. Strive for Excellence

We’ll never be Perfect... We can always Be Excellent

Want a good nights sleep... Want to live in Peace.... BE EXCELLENT

Experts say... Stress comes from doing less than your capable of.

It’s harder to Loaf... Than to be Excellent

If you bring your best... Never afraid to take responsibility for your actions

4. Produce Regardless of the Situation

Quit Blaming your surroundings for your Failures

Take Responsibility for your situation and THRIVE

“This isn’t what I wanted” “It wasn’t suppose to happen like this”

You are who you are... You are where you are ... Don’t blame the Map for being lost

Can’t shoot at a Target... Miss... Blame the Target

You’re the one holding the Bow... This is your life and no one elses