Summary: Outline for Deacon ordination service


As we come here today to ordain Brother E.J. Fowler as a deacon in our church. I believe it is important that we take a look at what the office of deacon entails. People so often today truly don’t know the role of the deacon in the local church and don’t understand the guiding principles of qualification that are needed to fulfill this position. Today though I would like for us to focus in on the first verse of the text here and look at the calling of a man to ministry.

This opening verse suggests six facets related to the call to ministry: It is an important calling, a limited calling, a compelling calling, a responsible calling, a worthy calling, and a demanding calling.


I. An Important Calling (v.1 a)

It is a trustworthy statement

a. The calling is an obvious, self-evident truth that doesn’t need proof.

b. This is a calling that should not be taken lightly.

i. You do not become a deacon to gain fame or prestige and respect.

ii. It is all about service. When you are called to the ministry, you are called to be a servant.

iii. Jesus Christ came to earth that he may serve, not be served.

II. A Limited Calling (v. 1b)

If any man

a. Church leadership is not for everyone.

b. An essential requirement for a church leader is that he be a man, it is God’s design.

III. A Compelling Calling (v. 1c, g)


a. Those who seek the office of deacon must have a Spirit-given compelling desire for it.

b. These two words describe the man who outwardly pursues the ministry because of a driving compulsion on the inside.

c. The church must be led by men of passion who are compelled to the ministry

IV. A Responsible Calling (v. 1d)

the office of overseer

a. Having oversight of the church is no small task, but rather a sobering responsibility.

b. Hebrews 13:17 warns that leaders must give an account to God for how faithfully they have led.

V. A Worthy Calling (v. 1e)

it is a fine work

a. The ministry is a fine, noble, honorable, excellent, high quality work.

b. The work of leading the church, which the Lord purchased with His blood, is the highest and the greatest and the most glorious calling to which anyone can ever be called.

VI. A Demanding Calling (v. 1f)


a. Those looking for an easy time will not find it in the ministry.

b. The ministry is work, a demanding, lifelong task.

c. There is no retirement from ministry