Summary: The believer needs to learn, receive, and practice the truth.

Living the Truth

Introduction, Review – How to Have God’s Peace and Joy

I. Rejoice in the Lord (v4) (Celebrate)

II. Lighten Up (5) (Tolerate)

III. Supplicate (6, 7)

IV. Meditate (8)

V. Activate

Text, Philippians 4:9

I. Learn the Truth

A. Greek word, Manthano (man-than-o)

noun, manthetes, disciple

refers to teaching, learning, instruction, discipling

B. A committed effort to learn (2Timothy 2:15)

“Be diligent to present yourselves approved to God as a workman who does not

need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth.”

C. Ways to Learn

Listen to tapes of the Bible, the church’s discipleship course, Sunday

School classes.

II. Receive the Truth

A. Greek word, par-al-am-ban-o

to join oneself to

B. Receive it in your heart, really believe it is God’s Word (1Thess. 2:13)

III. Observe the Truth

A. “Seen in me” (3:17)

B. Get to know those who live it

IV. Practice the Truth

A. Greek word, Prasso, means to exercise, to practice, refers to repetition or

continuous action

B. Obey the Truth

1. Not just hearer but doer of God’s Word

2. Response of the will

We don’t want to obey in our sinful nature, example of a demanding

husband or a nagging wife,

Who sits on the thrown of your heart? If self sits on your thrown, then you

will struggle to obey God, but if Christ sits on the thrown of your heart then

you will willingly obey.

C. Obey it continuously

Make it a habit to obey

Are you learning the truth?

Do you intently listen to the preaching of God’s Word?

Do you have a personal study time to learn of the Bible?

Are you involved in the Discipleship program?

Are you receiving the Truth?

Do you believe in Bible is God’s Word?

Do you believe the Spirit of God is speaking to you though His Word?

Are your Practicing the Truth?

Are you obeying God’s Word?

Has obeying God’s Word become a regular habit or way of life?