Summary: A meditation in 2 parts - a Christian complaining about how awful Christmas has become, & God’s response. I included the Christmas story from Luke in the service.


Lord it just isn’t fair the way they treat us at Christmas time.

We’d worked hard to put on the specials this year.

Harder than ever perhaps. Did they come – did they heckers like.

And the crowds down in town this year seemed bigger too Lord. From the moment they switched the lights on they were there.

Eating hotdogs and burgers made of mechanically recovered meat.

Shoving cheap perfume and chocolate oranges into already bulging bags. Shopping on plastic no doubt.

Santa’s are everywhere too – it drives me nuts Lord. Letters on the wall to him from children at the supermarket. Plastered all over ties and hanging from ear rings. Jolly ones on TV advertising everything without which the season would be incomplete. Then there’s the flashing ones on houses all down the street, and those revolting inflatable’s stuck on rooftops.

Santa – Lord. It’s not fair and it makes me mad.

It’s just not fair Lord.

The amount spent on stupid gifts and wrapping paper, booze and sweets and food no one will ever eat, and indigestion remedies. Not to mention the endless cards dropping through the door mostly from people who never speak to one another all year round - what a sham, what a fraud. Just think what that money would do to bring food to the hungry Lord.

It isn’t fair Lord the crowds of people cueing to see shows where they shout behind you while our services of worship remain half empty.

O God what’s going on – why do they ignore us and the real meaning of Christmas?

You can’t even say Happy Christmas in some places – we have to say Happy Holidays just in case some are upset. They’re taking down any sign of Jesus from town centres, and removing Him from the greeting - Happy Xmas they say. It’s as if it offends them to mention your Son

It just isn’t fair.

SILENCE (reflect on the sentiment above – is it familiar?)


Well child lets see about all this woe shall we.

Why do you get so worried and depressed?

Why don’t you enjoy this wonderful season more?

I am blessed to see people encounter the facts of my son’s birth – of course some will walk away – of course many will shrug their shoulders and not understand – but that’s where you come in!

You see I need you to be a joyful pleasing witness.

I need you to confront others with the peace and joy of my presence.

I wonder will you go in my name and make that difference?

Now of course I am frustrated at the way people don’t understand what I am offering them, but not just now, all year. But what does make my heart glad is that the whole world knows this is different holiday.

Don’t you see that even though they try to ignore me my Spirit is still at work bringing hope to the hopeless and joy to the lonely at Christmas time? Don’t you see that the inhumanity is lessened at this time of year? Don’t you recognise my hand in all of this?

Now child please listen carefully to me now . . . you sound so much like Scrooge! All Christmas bah humbug – why are you so sad?

Lighten up – for my sake.

Santa is great – anything that brings hope and wonder to children, and shares goodwill at this time of year is fine by me. Don’t you remember what I said to your brothers and sisters through my Son all those years ago about the faith and life of little children?

And of course there is waste and over indulgence – but its nothing on the celebration I have planned in heaven for you and my children. Don’t forget I invented laughter and celebration. I am the one who is the consummate host and party giver.

You my children need to learn how to be party people.

So please smile more. Don’t be so serious – grasp all these opportunities to share your passion for me and to make a difference.

See the connections child:

· Santa brings toys and I bring gifts too – gifts of joy and life and peace.

· Parties and family celebrations are only a taster of the wonder of my party in heaven.

· Let people say Xmas, for then you have opportunity to say you know the X – the Christ.

Share the message for me, but please with grace and joy and a smile.

And while we are at it why would you imagine that strangers would join you for worship just because it is Christmas?

Think about it – why?

What you need to do is to find these folk in January and beyond and make them your friends. Get to know them, like them, love them, share time with them – then they will meet me in you – it works I promise.

So my children enjoy this holiday – smile more, celebrate and laugh.

Have a drink for me! For I am alive and my life is ready to flow through you – will you let me?