Summary: Discover a recipe for success as observed in the life of Nehemiah.

Would you like a quick recipe for success? Ladies often seek cooking recipes from friends or cook books. Men often seek tips (recipes) on fishing or hunting. Business people seek suggestions that will improve their business. Nehemiah gave a recipe that helped him rebuild the wall around Jerusalem in a timely and successful manner. This recipe will work in your spiritual life. This recipe will work when you try to apply faith principles to your daily life. What did Nehemiah do?

1. Nehemiah was contant.

* In spite of discouragement (see 1:3)

* In spite of critics (see 4:3)

* In spite of distractions (see 4:8)

* In spite of being tired (see 4:10)

* In spite of high taxes (5:1)

* In spite of hypocritical leaders (see 5:15)

It is not always easy to fulfill our tasks. Sometimes success requires sticking by the job.

Illustration: LSU just won the NCAA football championship. Their quarterback, Matt Flynn, was a fifth year senior. He did not win the starting job until his fifth year. He had to play behind Jamarcus Russell, a highly touted quarterback who was signed by the Oakland Raiders. Flynn’s faithfulness paid off. He won the starting quarterback job and won a national championship by sticking with the job.

2. Nehemiah built a spirit of cooperation.

* He got each person to do what they could. (see

chapter 3)

* He got the people to support each other. (see

chapter 3)

Illustration: Geese fly in a "v formation" because they have a God given instinct to cooperate. Scientists have discovered that geese can fly further and longer by supporting each others efforts.

3. Nehemiah lead the people to be committed.

* They were committed to depending on God. (1:4,11; 2:4; 4:4; 5:19)

* They were committed to fulfill their purpose. They were God’s people. Their rallying cry was "let us rise up and build." They were excited and passionate about doing the job at hand.

May we be constant in our work, cooperative as we work together and committed to the work God has called us to do.