Summary: Christ’s resurrection points us to hope, certainty.

Certainties in Face of Life’s Struggles.

JOHN 20:10-18

Life is full of uncertainty. So much of what we hope for crumbles before our very eyes, and we wonder if there is anything we can count upon. When life hits you square in the face, is there any hope?

In our text, the risen Lord appeared to Mary Magdalene. And in doing so, Jesus gave an eternal hope to the world.

Jesus is alive today to make a difference in our lives. He is here to give us life, more abundantly than can be dreamed. Tonight, consider some certainties in life that will help us to see how the living Jesus can help as we walk with him "in the garden."

I. It is a certainty that life will often bring disappointment.

A. All of Mary’s hope in Jesus lay buried in a tomb

B. The hopes we build our lives upon often seem to crumble at our feet.

C. Still, life goes on, in spite of our disappointments.

II. It is a certainty that we will not always recognize the Lord’s handiwork.

A. As Jesus spoke to Mary, her grief was a barrier to her recognition of the Lord.

B. Sometimes it is so hard to acknowledge that God is truly with us.

C. In those times of darkness, we can choose to believe, or we can give up hope.

"Christ did not come to do away with suffering; He did not come to explain it; He came to fill it with His presence."

--Paul Claudel

III. It is a certainty that the Lord will always know us.

A. Jesus spoke and brought hope back into the life of the one he knew and loved.

B. Regardless of our feelings, the Lord will never abandon us. hearts.

C. And, with all of his knowledge, he loves us still.

IV. It is a certainty that Jesus will have a task for us to do.

A. A fundamental principle in dealing with those facing emotional upheavals is to keep them productive.

B. And so, Jesus did not let Mary spend the rest of her life clutching to him--he gave her a job to do.

C. To the willing soul, Jesus still has work to be done.

Tonight, we are faced with the reality that life is often hard and cruel. We will all face the certainty of disappointment. We will all probably come face to face with an uncertainty of God’s presence. But, we must work beyond the doubts and reach the glorious certainty that Christ will always know and love us, and always have a place for us in his plan.

If you are hurting tonight, if you are in the midst of disappointment and doubt, won’t you let Jesus minister to your brokenness? Come and let Jesus bring you peace, come and let Him give you hope.