Summary: There are many things we need to watch in our walk of life. These are some of the things we need to be careful in our walk with Lord.

Seven traps need to avoid in spiritual walk. Luke 15: 11-32

God called us to walk with him and have the fellowship with him.In that great jopurney of victory there are traps placed by our enemy. We need to avoid these traps to become great people of God. These are some of those traps. Why it is traps? because it is not easy to identify. You will not see it until you feel the pain of it. you need to have the spirit of discernment to avoid these. first it seems so simple and fun but later you will see that you are in the trap. prayerfully let’s look to some of those traps.

1. Watch the desires. Luke 15:11

When the thought come to our life we need to filter and come to the thought of God. Enemy will bring the thought in the mind that can lead us to leave the presence of God . Our mind is the battlefield of the enemy. All the sins are started in mind.

The son of this great father has a desire in his heart to get something that he was not ready for.

2. Make the right decision. Luke 15:12

There was a time for decision. In every day life we make numerous decisions. Bible says that Lord spoke to Cain that the ‘Spirit of sin is couching at the door and it’s desires for you and you need to overcome”. When we make the decisions those will lead us to the presence of God or lead us away from the presence of God.

3. No matter what happens in life do not leave the presence of God. Luke 15:13

There will the time after time we might feel like to leave the presence of God. The prayer does not work. The faith is not real, the bible is not the Word of God and many other kind of battle will come to our life and that can compel to leave the presence of God. Just lifke Peter said to the Lord “ where else we will go”. You need to have the desire to stay and a firm decision that you will not leave the faith.

4. Even if you leave make sure to come back right away. Luke 15:13

There will be time in our life we leave the presence of God. As human we make the mistake because of the pressure of the world. If that happens in our life, we need to come back ASAP. Not later, sooner as possible. Reconcile with God soon, pray soon, read the Bible soon, get involve soon, comeback to the church soon. More you are late it take more “grace” to bring you back.

5. Do not waste what you have. Luke 15:13

We are blessed with many spiritual and material blessing. Our health is a blessing of God, our wealth is a blessing of God, our finance is a blessing of God, our education and career is a blessing of God, our friends are blessing of God, our church is a blessing of God, our parents are blessing of God, our relationships are blessing of God, our wives are blessing of God, our husbands are blessing of God. There are times the enemy will lead us to leave all this and walk away. How many people walk away from family life every day destroying the children’s future and their future? . How many churches are split because people do not want to adjust their attitude and behavior.

Paul says to fan in to flame the Spiritual gifts you have in you God blessed us with spiritual Gifts and we need to fan those gifts in to flame. Grow spiritually and use those gifts for the glory of God. Some time I see people take those gifts and wasted because of the pressure and decision of life. It is the deception of the enemy that the Father does not love you. It is the deception of the enemy that there is “other church” is better. It is the deception of the enemy that the “other” partner is better. It is the deception of the enemy that there is better on the other side.

6. Pressure to lower the standard. Luke 15:15

There is a standard that God called us to. There will be time we fall, but you need to get up as soon as possible. At the same time there are some “Must No” are in our life. There must be some standard in our life. There must be some accountability in our life. God does not wants us to God lower our level of faith and walk away from him. Paul says that Demas loved the world and left me. Love of the world and the things of the world can take us away from the presence of God.

7.When the desperate situation come do not walk away from God. Luke 15:16

There will be desperate situations will comes to our life to leave the faith and presence of God. The prayer might not answer the way we expect. Even the forth watch you might not see the deliverance. The faith will be challenged, there even the some situation might arise that there is not choice to make. Your life might head to e dead end. Face to the wall situation. In these desperate situations, do not leave the presence of God.

Enemy will be using these traps just life he brought to the younger son and lost everything he had, we need to be aware of the trap of the enemy and vigilant to the situation of life.

Our God is loving and compassionate. Our God is our Father. Our God is everything. He cares for us. We cannot find another place better than his presence. There is not one like Jehovah, He is the Lilly of the valley, and he is the friend closer than anyone.

Lets stay close to Him and enjoy the blessing of God in our life.

God bless

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