Summary: This is the message for house dedication service.

Dedication of the Temple/House/Family

2 Chron.5:1,3,6b,9,13,14b.

1.When Solomon finished the work of the Temple, he brought in the things his father David had dedicated.

2Sam 8:12

A. Edom. (Gen 36:1) Esau –sold the birth right for a coup of soup. These things remind us that David took victory over this battle.

B. . Moab - were not allowed to come to the presence for 10 generation – David overcome the Moab – There was nothing hinders him from coming to the presence of God.

(Eg. Ruth –Moabites)

C. Ammonites – descendent of Lot. Choice of Spiritual and Material – Lot choose material but David subdue them – This things in the temple remind us that David overcame this battle and you also will be able to overcome this battle. Every morning when people walk to the temple these things remind them that their King David subdue them these enemies . your King also subdue these enemies.

D. Philistines – Battle against Goliath. The giant who came to destroy the people of God, David took victory. You do not need to worry about these giants in this generation. If our fathers were able to overcome these giants, we will also can overcome them.

E. Rehob – Town of Aramian principality

(Hadadezer –Hadad is help)

this remind us that David took victory over principality.

2. Brought the Ark in to the Temple – Jesus Christ V 5

3. Solomon Sacrifice –countless worship

4. Poles that carried the ark was visible to the people –

let the WWJD, Visible sign of the presence says you are a

Christian visible in this house for the visitors.

5. Trumpeters and singers joined in unison as one voice – Unity

(in worship, activities etc.) Vs.13

6. Glory was filled the temple. 14

7. Lord said to Solomon – Hear voice of the Lord in your house. 6:1