Summary: In order for a church to grow as God wants it to grow, the church must be a healthy church. Naturally healthy churches will grow. So we want to find what principles will it take to build a healthy church. Persistence in Faith is the first principle any pe

Text: Luke 18:35-43


• Speaking of persistence in faith

o Man Drawing deep in to the things of the Spirit no matter what may come.

• Friday’s Service

o In line where God has been leading me.

o God’s word speaking to me to continue to dig deep

 Congregation will follow.

o Amazing time in worship and word

 Prophecied over me

• This morning I want to encourage you to dig in, to dive deep in to the word with me and lets not leave here the same again.

Persistence in Faith with this blind man can be seen through this portion of scripture. Some key qualities this man had that we could learn from are what we derive our study from today.

1. He was vulnerable (v.35)

a. Begging, Hurting, in need.

i. Pride was abolished

1. James 4:6 “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble”

2. Pride does not assist you in receiving from God but actually prohibits you from receiving grace.

3. This blind man was a man who was humble in his persistent faith and knew that he needed to be vulnerable to receive.

b. He had a need that had never been met by anyone who threw him a few coins

c. Vulnerability is a character the church of God would do well to attain before our God.

d. Are you vulnerable enough before our God that he might reach you? Or are you a little prideful to open up to him?

2. He was confident in His decision to find Jesus. (v 36-39)

a. He heard that Jesus was coming and was willing to do whatever it took to get His attention!

i. How hard do we try to break down the walls that stand in front of us and God?

1. Are we willing to press in?

2. Are we willing to go in to spiritual battled to clear out the junk in our lives that we may be free in the spirit?

b. The pressures all around tried to shut him up.

i. Would you back down at the first sight or voice of trial?

ii. Would you continue to cry out for the intervention of God?

iii. Would you be willing to stand up?

c. But he could not be quieted!

i. The pain of staying the same was greater than the pain of change!

ii. Is your current status more painful then the process of change?

3. He was full of faith and belief in the unbelievable! (v. 40-43)

a. He was honest with the Lord

i. Told Jesus I want to be restored.

b. He was open with the Lord

c. Jesus said his faith has saved him and then he was healed immediately.

i. Jesus said that his faith has saved him

1. The blind man had faith that Jesus could save him and Jesus did just that, cured his soul then healed his physical sickness. Restoration on the account of faith and compassion.

d. The man was consistent with his persistence that Jesus was not just a “santa clause” but a savior for he followed him and glorified God.

i. Have you glorified your God this week? Have you followed Jesus this week?

Some on the Characteristics this man showed could do the church some good.

• Vulnerability

• Confidence

• Faith

These characteristics when applied to the spiritual formation will change anyone’s life for God when he sees a heart vulnerable and confident in Him will always honor that faith and commune with him.

He desires that we call out His name no matter who is around. That we have not pride and haughty spirit as the word says but a faith filled life.

I want to encourage you this morning to become vulnerable right now before God!

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