Summary: Daniel’s Introduction to Babylon

Chapter 1-The Message of Daniel

I. God’s Working in International Affairs (v.1,2)

A. Word of the Lord Prophesied (v.1) (Jeremiah 25:9,12) Babylon: Land of Shinar

(Gen 10:8-10) Kingdom of Nimrod/Babel: Place of Mystery Religion Paganism/All False

Religions/Mother of Harlots (Rev 17:5) *City’s Description: 14sq/mi/Hanging Gardens

B. Beginning of the Times of the Gentiles (v.2) (Daniel 9:27; Luke 21:24; Romans 11:25)

II. King’s Selection for Chaldean Conversion (v.3-7)

A. Chosen Children of Nobility (v.3, 4a; II Kings 20:17,18) Daniel: ‘God will judge’

“Visit sins/fathers unto the third and fourth generation” (Exodus 34:7)

(5) Qualifications of the Chaldeans: [Josephus]

1-Age:14-20 Willing and capable of being educated

(Babylonian Tradition: culturally convert only the children of nobility/standing)

2-Without blemish: Without defects in their physical appearance

3-Well favored: Pleasing to look upon/handsome/goodly

4-Skillful in all wisdom/cunning/knowledge/understanding/science:

Aptitude for every kind of learning necessary to serve/king

5-Ability to stand in the king’s palace: Possessed social skills to serve the king’s court

B. Conversion to Chaldean Culture (v.4, 5)

-Teach language/culture/government/religion/diet

-3 year program/extensive 24 hours a day indoctrination into the culture of Babylon

-Famous for huge library/education system

C. Changing the Names (v.6,7)

-Daniel-God is my Judge/Belteshazzar: Protect his life!

-Hananiah-The Lord is gracious/Shadrach: Command of Aku the moon god

-Mishael-Who is what God is? Meshach: Who is what Aku is?

-Azariah-The Lord will help/Abednego: Servant of Nebo, the second ranking god

[Major attempt to convert to paganism totally unsuccessful!]

III. God’s Working in Personal/Spiritual Affairs (v.8-21)

A. Daniel w/3 Faithful Standing on Principle (v.8) Moral test-unclean meats/pork, horseflesh

Offered to Babylonian gods

1. Refusal seen as insult to King

2. Peer pressure made it difficult

3. Behavior jeopardize opportunity/advancement

4. Quality of food was attractive/tempting

5. New location 900 mi/Judah/parents tempted them to be unfaithful

6. Argument: God’s protection and privilege in Chaldean culture gave them license to disobey ‘trivial’ commands of Judaism/Leviticus 11

Illustr: Daniel’s (8) Similarities/Parallels to Joseph

1-Both young (increasing severity of temptation) Hebrew Men

2-Both captives in a strange land-‘Culture Shock’

3-Both brought to live in places of high governmental authority

4-Both gifted by God to have dreams/understand and interpret dreams of others

5-Both underwent intense moral testing

6-Both were victorious through multiple trials, troubles, tribulation & testings

7-Both eventually promoted to honor, glory & powerful positions in government

8-Both actively used to deliver the people of God

B. Daniel Given Favor by God (v.9) The Lord had prepared the way for Daniel’s decision

“The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord” (Proverbs 21:1)

C. Daniel Under Authority (v.10-13)

1. Asks w/right attitude: ‘Please test 10 days let us be given pulse: vegetables seed grains lentils

2. Did not condemn/eating was wrong (10:2, 3)

3. Offers a reasonable alternative

4. Gives option to his master

5. Separation from sin is the key principle

D. Daniel Proven by God (v.14-16) Fairer: Goodly, Favorable-Fatter in flesh: Firm, Healthier, Better nourished

E. Daniel Blessed/Gifted by God (v.17) Js 1:17‘Every good and perfect gift/4 w/keen intellect-Daniel only w/understg/visions/dreams.

Visions, oracles, divine communion, prophecy 12 times/Daniel

F. Daniel Approved by the King (v.18, 19) Communed: Spoke, conversed, test’g

ability/stood before the king: Served in his presence

G. Daniel Given Great Spiritual Gifts (v.20)

Wisdom: Prudence in religious/ethical affairs

Understanding: Discernment-10:1 over king’s spiritual counselors

H. Daniel Continued... (v.21)

Outlived all of his masters/5 kings/Babylon & Darius the Mede 605-535

Daniel 622-535 B.C. 87 years old

J. Application: God Will Richly Bless Those Who Stand on Principle w/Submissive

Attitude/Wisdom Toward Authority (Godly Appeal Higher Authority)