Summary: People say they do not want to go to our church because of all the hypocrites. Is it possible to go through life not knowing that our lifestyle portrays hypocrisy? Could we in fact be "an unconscious hypocrite?"

“The Unconscious Hypocrites”

Matthew 7:15-20

The remainder of Chapt. 7 has one message; walking through the “strait or narrow gate & staying on the path!

On this journey, we are shown some of the hindrances, obstacles, or pitfalls one might encounter.

We are shown 2 dangers that confront us, how to recognize these dangers, & then how to deal with them.

Finally, as with last week’s lesson, we are given a “choice” at the end of chapt.7. All along the way, the ever ringing theme of “judgment” is shown clearly and concisely.

I. The Warning Vs.15 “Beware of False Prophets”

1. Their presence

A. Beware- pros ekh o; to watch out for, be on guard

2.Their provenance (origin, source)

A. Their false prophet’s (psyoo dop raf ay tace)

B. They are Impostors

C. Today’s message; satan waiting to talk about it!

D. They love to stand outside the strait gate

3. Their personality

A. this is where it gets tricky!

B. they come in sheep’s clothing

C. they are likable, friendly, & charismatic.

D. outward appearance- everything that could be hoped for; this is why so many are led astray in cults

E. as a leader, preaches a good message, holds your attention, seems to be right on track, says all the right words that a Christian would speak, talks about God,Christ, the cross, & emphasis the love of God.

F. so what’s the problem???

4. Their Photograph (picture)

A. true nature, ravenous wolves

B. outwardly kind, inwardly counterfeit

C. has no strait gate or narrow way in words, says nothing offensive,a man pleaser.

D. wears “sheep’s clothing” to put on appearance of attractive, pleasant, and nice to look at.

5. speaks a nice, comfortable message, careful not to offend anyone.

6. well spoken of, never criticized, never steps on a toe but rather says anything to keep the peace.

7. only preaches the easy gospel, no blood, no damnation

for sin, never mentions hell in a negative tone, instead,

preaches a social gospel, Love, harmony, riches, no

consequences for ones action.

8. satan learned he couldn’t beat the church, so he joined it. Went to seminary, got a bunch of degrees, and came back a preacher, deacon, Sunday school teacher, but mostly, a gossiper. Down fall of Baptist churches, no one preaches, they, teach, give history, doctrine or speak from somebody’s latest book, but afraid to say it like it is!!! Afraid to be voted out by committee…

II. The Whimsical Vs.16-20

1.The Revealing mark Vs.16

A. the fruit they gather

2. The True nature Vs.17

A.corruption; sappros; not rotten, but no fruit at all

B.evil; pon ay ros; harm grievous

3.The Impossible task Vs. 18

A.good tree- good fruit, bad tree- bad fruit

4. The Terrifying consequences Vs. 19


a. marked corrupt

b. cut down

c. cast into fire John 15: 2 & 6

John 15:2&6 Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit…If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.

5.The Telltale Sign Vs.20

A.Their fruit exposes them

B.Words expose five things about the fruit we bear;

a.true nature- what’s beneath the surface

b.true character- good/bad, kind/cruel

c.true commitment- motives, desire, ambitions, what’s in the heart

d.true mind- thoughts pure? In the abundance of the heart, the Mouth will speak

e.True spiritual nature- no ones service is of any value unless the nature has been changed. Many unsaved do great works, but in the end, they will be in hell.

So is it really possible to be an “Unconscious Hypocrite?” The danger lies not in the obvious false prophet, but in the one that wraps the truth in a lie…

The truth is…Jesus!