Summary: Testimony witnessing analyzed in O.T. and N.T.



Simple Testimony Definition: What God has done in the Past, is doing in the Present, and will do for you in the Future

I. The Testimony of Israel’s Salvation (Exodus 13)

1. Remembering the Day of your ________________ (v.3a) Past

2. Remembering the Extent of your _______________ (v.3b) Past

3. Remembering the Hand of His _________________ (v.3c) Past

4. Reviewing the Blessings of ___________________

(v.5) Present

5. ________________ with Great Celebration (

v.6, 7) Present

6. ________________ your Salvation with next Generation (v.8) Future

7. ________________ on the Word of God & His Power to Save Others (v.9) Future

8. ________________ with a Special Celebration Each Year (v.10) Future

II. The Testimony of The Demoniac of Gadara’s Salvation (Mark 5)

1. Jesus the King Shows Us The Greatest _____________ _______________

for One Soul in the Bible (v.1-10)

2. He Brought Himself Under the ______________ of King Jesus (v.6)

3. Jesus the King The Omnipotent God-Man The Supreme_______________

Took Ultimate Control (v.9, 11-13)

4. He was ______________ _______________by the Power of King Jesus’Word (v.15)

5. He ______________to be with The One Who Rules the Kingdom,His Lord & King Jesus (v.18)

6. Jesus His King, Sent Him Home to _______________ [Most effective with those who knew him] (v.19)

7. He Stayed Under The _______________ of His King Jesus thru Simple Child-Like Obedience[Protection/Bless’g] (v.20)

8. He Spoke the __________ _____ _______ [Confident in The Word of His King Jesus] (v.20)

9. He _______________ [The Great Things:

Completely Changed/Clothing/Calmed His King Jesus Gave Him] (v.20)

10. He _______________ [ Compassion ’THE LOVE’ of His King Jesus] (v.20)

11. He _______ ____________ for His King Jesus[All Men did Marvel] (v.20)

12. He ______________ King Jesus with His Effective Ten City/Regional Ministry (v.20)

III. The Testimony of Paul’s Salvation (Acts 26)

1. Paul’s Testimony was Most _______________ with Those Who Knew Him (v.4,5)

2. Paul Gave Information of His _______ ____________ _______ (v.9-12)

3. Paul Tells of His ____________________ ______________ Experience(v.13-18)

4. Paul Witnessed with the ____________ ______ ________ (v.22)

5. Paul Uses the ______________ _________ of Jesus/ Christ (v.15, 23)

6. Paul _______________ Christ’s Suffering, Resurrection, Light to both Jew and Gentile (v.23)

7. Paul’s Testimony ________ _____________ for the Lord (v.24-28)