Summary: Following the right path requires that we have the right guide.

December 2009

Prior to Service:

• Make “stepping stones” from sheets of paper or newsprint or any material that is handy

• Form maze of your own design. The more complicated the design the more “stepping stones” that will be required.

• Make various “stepping stones” with X marked on face of stone. This is the stop area of that path.

• Form starting area with several possible paths to begin the journey

• Form one (1) end area

Share Scripture with children.

Our lesson today is about taking the right path. Is it hard to choose the right path all the time? Why? Give the children a chance to respond.

Is it easier to follow a guide or go and try the correct path by ourselves? Why? Give the children a chance to respond.

Our Scripture tells us that if you follow the path that you are directed on that you will succeed in your journey. So let’s see if we can find our way using a guide.

Lesson Illustration: “The Path”

• One adult leader will act as “caller.”

• Divide children into pairs. One child will be the guide for the journey and the other child will be the traveler.

• Isolate guides from travelers and give instructions in private to each group.

• Isolate one (1) guide from the other guides and take (s)he to vantage point and allow (s)he to preview maze after instruction.

• Caller:

1. Will give limitations of movements. Ex: Take 1 step, Take 3 steps, etc.

2. Calls will be for entire group

3. Travelers can occupy same “stepping stone”

• Guides:

1. Guide may position themselves anywhere near the maze. They cannot touch or walk with the traveler.

2. Lead your traveler by shouting directions to them. Directions can be in any direction (forward, backward, to the right, or to the left) but direction cannot change during the call.

3. If traveler comes to “stepping stone” marked with X traveler must retrace steps following limitations of “caller” until they return to start area and begin again

• Traveler:

1. Follow directions of your guide

2. If you come to a “stepping stone” with X on it you cannot cross it.

3. If stopped by X “stepping stone” you must retrace steps following directions of your guide

• At “GO” signal travelers will begin their journey following the directions of their guide

• Award winning traveler and guide with treat of your choosing

Ask the travelers: How hard was it to follow the directions of your guide? Why? Give travelers a chance to respond.

Ask the guides: How hard was it to give directions to your traveler? Why? Give guides a chance to respond.

NOTE: It is possible that the winning guide and traveler is NOT the guide that was given the advantage. In this case be prepared to address questions to this guide as well as the winning team.

Ask the winning traveler: Did you have any problems following the directions of your guide? Why? Give traveler a chance to respond.

Ask the winning guide: Was it hard to get your traveler to travel in the correct path? Why? Give guide a chance to respond.

Ask the guide that was given the advantage (even if (s)he is not the winning guide and traveler.) Why should your traveler win the journey? Give the guide a chance to respond. (Main reason should have been that the guide knew where the paths led and was able to guide the traveler because this guide knew all the stops and turns.)

When we start on a journey it is important that we know what directions we are following. If you start following the wrong path you end up lost. The guide you follow must be the right guide or you will still get lost along the way. God wants us to follow Him. Why would you follow anyone else when you can follow the one who knows everything about the path?