Summary: Dads are not always recognized for their roles but their sacrifical and unsung lifestyle can be easily recognized in the things they do.

The things Dads do

When children are born one of the first word they say is dad... It starts out as Da, Da and soon they can pronounce the word Dad or Daddy easily. Somehow the people in a home have overwhelming confidence in Dad’s ability to take care of business. Dad gets the honor of being summoned to rise to occasion to rescue the poor creatures that are in distress.

When the toilet backs up somebody screams “Dad.”

When the sink gets clogged,“Dad.”

When a toy breaks, “Dad.”

When there is a fight, “Dad.”

When Suzy is trying to use her little brother as a vacuum cleaner,


When there is furniture to be moved, “Dad.”

When drapes are to be changed, “Dad.”

When there are groceries to be taken out of the car, “Dad.”

When the garbage is to be taken out, “Dad.”

When the car breaks down, “Dad.”

When the TV breaks down, “Dad.”

When the cable goes out, “Dad.”

When a chair breaks, “Dad.”

When a desk, a swing set, a bike, a dresser or a futon that comes in a

box with 500 screws, 200 bolts and 50 brackets, “Dad.”

When a computer has to be set up, “Dad.”

When the milk runs out, “Dad.”

When the Macaroni and cheese runs out, “Dad.”

When the toilet paper runs out, “Dad.”

When the circuit breaker trips, “Dad.”

When there is a noise in the basement or in the attic, “Dad.”

When a mouse scampers across the living room floor while people are

watching “I love Lucy, “Dad.”

And then there are the questions that implicate Dad, or try to set him up like “Dad do you know who ate the last banana?” or “Dad did you see who threw out my soda?” Or “Dad, Mom said it was okay to get a new cell phone.”

Or when they come by and change the tone and say Father. You know the next question has to do with your wallet?

Dads are great with information like, politics, trivia, current events and history many of them can remember when John Kennedy was killed.

Dads are called upon to solve math problems and answer chemistry and biology questions.

Dads are incredible when accidents occur and people start bleeding.

Dads know how to stop the blood.

Dads have basic information about over the counter drugs and even home remedies.

Dads understand taxes and lawn care.

Dads can clean gutters and paint rooms.

Dads give advice and directions.

Dads know how to talk to the phone company, the gas company, the electric company and the cable guys.

Dads may not know how to talk to small children but they know how to talk to other adults and get what they want.

Dads can talk in a tone of voice that will put the fear of God into anyone who tries to mess with their family.

Dads have the wisdom to see through boys who want to mess up their daughters and girls who are messing with their sons’ minds.

Dads will work overtime on one job and pick up extra hours on another while doing a degree and remodeling a house.

When Mom gets sick Dads maintain their schedule and still take care of Mom and the kids.

Dads will give their children anything they can. Dads pay for their education, sneakers and ipods.

Dads drive kids to games and recitals, practice and rehearsals.

Dads give kids directions about life and how to persevere.

Dads demonstrate courage and hope even in the face of adversity.

Dads help kids to be strong.

Dads teach children how to give respect and how to command respect from others.

Dads teach children how to stand up for themselves and even how to fight if somebody hits you.

Dads are sacrificial and think of how they can make it better for their children even though they may be deprived.

A father will give his life to save his child if he must.

Recently a father and his daughter I know were going down the freeway when another car traveling in the opposite direction, crossed the median of the freeway and headed toward them. The father realizing there was a split second between life and death turned the car in such a way that the oncoming car that was actually airborne by then struck his side of the car landing directly on him and killing him instantly. His daughter escaped with just a few bruises. This is the kind of stuff that fathers do.

This story reminds of God the Son who gave His life in on the cross so that we could live.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish but everlasting life.