Summary: What does God have to do to get your attention?

This is the most distracted we have ever been as a people. There are things happening all around us that cause us to stop one thing to deal with another. We have a cell phone in one hand and a steering wheel in the other, while we wave at the person as we pass by. There are signs everywhere that are trying to distract our attention from what we need to do to get us to spend money doing what somebody else wants us to do. Our children have cell phones with videos, text messages, and Internet (computers) at their finger tips. However, many people try to teach children with one Bible in a pew on Sunday. There must be a better way to get a child’s attention. We don’t still play 45’s to hear music when CD players are available. So, we cannot reach an Ipod generation with an 8 track method of outreach. Statistics show that most individuals under the age of 50 do not get news from a newspaper. Many of these individuals get there news via Internet or cell phone doing a quick 3 minute scan. Therefore, the rule of today is that it must be short to the point; say what you mean and mean what you say because all you get of my attention is 3 minutes. We are so easily distracted, disgruntled, and disturbed by people, places, and things that it requires a new way to get folks attention. The use of media in ministry is an absolute necessity. This is not bringing the world into the church, but it is an opportunity to bring people out of the world into the church with the message of Jesus Christ. It is a difference in approach. Story: A son back in the old West discovered a mirror

The television went from black and white with the tin foil antenna. The wire plyers to turn the knob. We know have HD 3D 50 inch flat screen picture that are so clear that you feel like you are sitting in the football stadium. So, it is important that the church raise the standard in order to reach the HD (High Definition) generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many larger congregations have services in three locations at the same time. The pastor is preaching at one location and via IP cameras the message is sent to the other two locations and displayed on a movie theater screen for the worshippers to experience the preaching. This approach gets the gospel to those who need it most without compromising time, quality, or effectiveness. Everybody may not make it to one place, but there are many ways through technology to get your message to them. Use the latest to reveal the greatest.

TEXT – Belshazar was the king of Babylon 20 yrs. ruling with his father Nabonidus who took over for his father Nebuchanezzar who ruled for 45 years. Babylon was known for idol worship and was the reigning kingdom. Belshazzar threw a party one day with his princes, wives, concubines and they were drinking from the sacred cups from Jerusalem temple while they praised the gods of gold, silver, brass, iron, wood, and stone.

In the same hour while the party was going on, a man’s hand appeared and begin to write on the wall of the king’s palace. This got the King Belshazzar’s attention because he was able to see the handwriting on the wall, but did not understand what it meant. The king was so afraid that his whole countenance changed, his mind was troubled, he became afraid, and his knees began to knock together. WHAT DOES GOD HAVE TO DO TO GET YOUR ATTENTION?


Moses-burning bush, Abraham-take Issac to the altar, Baalam- listen to your donkey, Isaiah-in the year that King Uzziah died I also saw the Lord and he was high and lifted up,

Ezekiel – let’s go down to the valley of dry bones; Saul-come down the Damascus road, Mary and Martha come here and watch me call Lazarus from the grave; Come here disciples and I will make you fishers of me; Jesus stops through Samaria to meet a woman at the well.

Aren’t you glad that one day you were able to see the handwriting on the wall. God has to first get your attention before he can deliver his word to you.


God used a hand to write on the wall to get the King’s attention, but the King and all his idol worshipping wise men did not understand what it meant. Then they called Daniel (a man of God with an excellent spirit, knowledge, and understanding, God’s fearless prophet) to interpret the handwriting on the wall. The method got his attention, but the prophet had to deliver the message from God. The king offered Daniel a new scarlet robe, gold chain for his neck, and a position of being third in command in the kingdom, if he would make the interpretation for the king. Daniel understood one thing that we all must remember. Daniel was not making the interpretation for the king but for God. If Daniel took the king’s gifts then he may have been tempted to change the message, but I’m so glad that when you do God’s will he will take care of you. Key: The size of the screen or the dimensions of the projector are a vehicle to deliver God’s message to the people. The technology is never more important than God’s annointing.

Daniel told Belshazzar that God had given his grandfather Nebuchazzar a kingdom with majesty, glory, and honor, so that all people and nations trembled before him. But King Nebuchanezzar got lifted up in pride and lost the throne. He was driven away like a wild beast out into the field until God got his attention to let him know that he was the one who put him in charge and that he would have no other gods before him. And know here comes his grandson, Belshazzar who should have known better because he could learn from the past mistakes about what happens when you turn against God, get lifted up in pride and don’t worship him as your true God.


MENE – God has numbered your kingdom and finished it.

TEKEL – Thou has been weighed in the balances and are found wanting

PERES – Thy kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians

Daniel told the king the message and they clothed him in the fine clothing, gave him the gold chain, and promoted him to third in the kingdom because he was faithful and obedient to God.

That very night Belshazzar was slain and the Babylonian kingdom was conquered.

God is trying to get your attention before the enemy comes in and takes over your life.

God loves us so much that he is willing to get your attention by any means necessary.

Closing – DirecTV satellite sends a signal to the receiver at my house, so that I get a clear picture on my TV. When I had cable a few years ago, I only got about 20 channels. When Directv came in it opened up the access to over 200 channels ( 5 ESPN, NBA, NFL, Word Network because now I was connected to something higher. At Calvary Jesus paid the price for our salvation and made a connection between God and man. When we have a relationship with God, he puts a FSH receiver into our hearts so that we will always be connected to him. We get our direction, love, peace, joy, and power from him each day.

Thank you Jesus that you got my attention before I destroyed my life. Thank you Jesus that you got my attention when I was living in sin and on my way to hell, but you saved my soul and turned my life around. I know that you may have some problems and issues that you face, but God is always there. You just have to get his attention.

And this afternoon as I remember how God got my attention, I want to take a little time to get God’s attention. It is a very simple process. God inhabits the praise of his people.

Get up on your feet and give God the best praise that you can give. Praise gets God’s attention!