Summary: (adapted from Joel Rosenberg’s Epicenter and Mike Bickle’s series on Joel)

Joel Pt1 The Day of the Lord is Near

(adapted from Joel Rosenberg- Epicenter Conf, Mike Bickle- Joel Series, other resources as noted)

Introduction to Joel

Just finished a study of a NT book- Philippians.

We want to start a study of an OT book- Joel.

First, look at how Joel fits into the Bible- (PPT)

Joel 1.1-4

Joel begins with a warning of a natural disaster that will lead to great agricultural and economic problems.

Locust invasions can be devastating-

they can be numbered in the billions,

cover an area ten mile long and five miles wide,

blot out the sun, and destroy everything living in their path.

Maryland- seven year locust invasion- they were everywhere- all over cars, the side walk, you would step on them, they smelled when they died. Nothing compared to this event.

It is also a prophetic picture of future events.

Why Study Joel?

There is a seriousness in the book of Joel that takes us beyond just events that happened in ancient Israel.

Joel- mini book of Revelation-insight to end time events.

Joel 3.12-16

Joel is about-

Day of the Lord and

how Christian’s should respond/live in that time.

The message of Joel is that the Day of the Lord- is near.

We might want to prepare ourselves for that day?

God- awakening His church to- message of this book.

Joel was written to prepare the end-time church for both the glory of God and world wide crisis that is coming.

During the end of the age we will see-

move of the HS/out pouring of God’s glory,

an increase in demonic activity- Rev 12.12

the groaning of creation- Rom 8.19-22

and God’s judgment upon the world.

We dare not ignore the warnings we find in Joel.

There is an urgency in heaven that the people of God become aware of and prepared for- Day of the Lord.

Key passage-

Joel 2.12-13

this needs to be our response to God in the age in which we live

Jesus said- same thing- Mat 22.34-40

God is calling us into a relationship w/Him and one another that is essential in the days ahead.

Day of the Lord

The Day of the Lord- 5x times in Joel-

Joel 1.15, 2.1, 2.11, 2.31, 3.14

The Day of the Lord- not the same as the Last Days.

The Last Days started on the day of Pentecost when the church was birthed.

The Last Days are building towards the Day of the Lord.

The Day of the Lord is a season judgment when God when God intervenes in the affairs of men.

The Day of the Lord refers to-

Tribulation period,

the return of the Lord,

His 1000 year reign from Jerusalem, and

the Great White Throne of Judgment.


One of the things that always is a part of end time discussions, is God’s judgment.

How can a loving God do some of the things we read in Revelation- millions killed at the hand of God?

first, we must keep in mind- God is a just God,

second, God does not take comfort in judgment.

2 Pet 3.3-9

The purpose of tribulation is to get people to let go of whatever- political, religious, philosophical, ideas they are holding onto- insufficient for salvation.

(i.e. government financial crisis)

Whatever we are putting our trust in is insufficient for- difficult times ahead or our own personal salvation.

This is part of Joel’s message- our trust must be in God.

Who is Joel?

Joel 1.1

Joel was a Hebrew prophet.

Joel- Jehovah is God, the Lord is God

Joel wants us to reckon with the reality of the sovereignty/power of the Living God, and

His purpose for creation at the end of the age.

The Lord is God

Too of often we try to force God into our concept of-

who He should be

and how He should act and

what that means for me and the way I live my life.

We fashion God into our likeness instead of allowing Him to fashion us into His likeness.

The Day of the Lord is God’s Day, He calls the shots.

Closing Comments

The book of Joel is a call for us to seriously examine our walk with God- particularly in light of

the seriousness of the days ahead.

Jesus Himself called us to be His disciples.

Jesus says-

Mat 28.19

Disciples are lovers of God and lovers of people.

Mission statement-

Encounter God, Love People, Share LIfe

It all begins with a relationship with God where we have a revelation of His love and out of that love others.

We need to ask God to open our eyes to what He is doing in the earth today.

What is He doing in our own lives personally and how do we respond to the work of His HS in our lives?

We need to put distractions under our feet and remove those things that will detour us from our destiny.

Jn 16.12-15

God wants to open up to us revelation/understanding.

We need to pray and ask God to show us the path of life He has set before us.

Psa 119.105

May we become a people who stand in the fear of the Lord because of the Word of the Life Giving God.


As we study Joel we will see more clearly the response God is asking from us.

To be successful in the days ahead we need to have the heart Moses did in Ex 33-

Ex 33.13

Moses understood he would not find favor with God if he did not know the ways of God and walk in them.

To know the ways of God is to know God and vice versa

Joel is calling us to examine our lives and how we live in light of the urgency of the day in which we live,

to be prepared for the difficulties ahead.

Ex 33.14-23

Moses knew He needed the Living, Life Giving, God to go with him- to walk beside him.

More correctly, Moses knew he needed to understand-

what God was doing,

where He was going, and

then stand beside Him and walk with Him.

This is necessary if we are going to stand in the last days and in particular in the coming Day of the Lord.


Take this next week to read through the book of Joel.

As you do- write down one key thought that stood out to you or God spoke to your heart about- one sentence