Summary: How to not live in fear, worry and doubt being in awe of God.

Today I want to start a five part series on why most of us live in fear, worry and doubt. In order to have a chance to live a life of joy you first need to be saved by the power of Jesus. If you are unsure if you are saved then please read the link on our website or you can call or e mail me and I will explain this and pray for you so that you will know for sure of your eternal home.

But the millisecond we are saved God sends His Holy Spirit to supernaturally live inside of us. The Bible then starts to become alive because Jesus is helping you interpret His own words! But if we are not careful the joy that we had when we first believed can slowly fade away when we let the worries of the world take back over our lives. I have finally come to realize that

“Worry is a horrible sin. Have your ever thought “God I don’t trust you”. I am not in fear of Your wondrous works or You”. “I still desire control for my life because when I worry I can’t sit still and just wait upon You, I need to act.”

If you have ever felt all or part of these statements then you have a chance to be set free in this world. Most of us do things out of fear. Maybe we are in fear of not having any money so we go overboard and work countless hours at the expense of our family and friends. Maybe we scheme and do inappropriate business dealings to get an edge.

Ecclesiastes 5:19.20 ““Moreover, when God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot and be happy in his work—this is a gift of God. He seldom reflects on the days of his life, because God keeps him occupied with gladness of heart.”

Here are some truths from the last passage.

1. God gives us our wealth and possessions. Stop thinking you have anything to do with this. If you are creating wealth it is ONLY because you are using the talents God has ALREADY given to you. And by the way if you do not use the talents God has given you he will take them away and give them to someone else. Matthew 25:28-30

2. No matter how much or how little we have it is ONLY God that enables us to enjoy them. No matter how hard we kick and scream and want our own way or want joy it is only God that allows joy to fill our soul.

3. We need to quit jumping ship when the fire gets hot at work, home or _________. God has you right now where He wants you. You will know when it is time to move on. UNTILL THEN be happy in your work.

4. Don’t look back, only look forward. Regrets will eat away not only at your future but they will store up inside of you a grievous evil that is hard to extinguish

Now that I have said these things they are just things. I have been having some great discussions with the pastor of our church about purpose and joy. We all need a paradigm shift in this area. A paradigm shift is where you used to look at something one way and now you look at it completely from a different perspective. What we need to do is to STOP thinking of what we deserve and start thinking of how we can serve and glorify God. That is what this series is about. When we can start living for God then our worries will be gone. That is because we are putting God back into the rightful place in our lives, on the throne. How many times do we say Jesus is our Savior but we seldom act as if He is our Lord? Over the next week we will go through a process of trying to get rid of self. Once you come out on the other side ALL the worries of this life will seem meaningless and the joy of the Lord will flood your soul.

That is what I want and I know you do to. If you are struggling with worry and where God fits into your life please pray this with me now.

Lord, please forgive me for running out ahead of you. Please help me to understand who you are Jesus. I want to be in awe of just You instead of being in awe of everything else around me. Everything around me has me tied up in knots. I desire to live a consistent life of faith and quit having doubts about your love for me. Lord please speak to me through your Spirit and help me to know how to "Let Go" of the things in this life that have entangled me.” Amen.

Over the next week we will be tearing down our old foundation of trusting in self and building up a foundation built on One, Jesus.

Have a great day and keep praying for God to reveal to you His love and sense of purpose in your life.