Summary: When You have done all you know to do, Run to Jesus

When All Else Fails

Mark 5:25-34

In Mark Chp. 5 Jesus dealt with a man with an unclean spirit <1-20> This is an inward problem.. BTW God can deal with what has been dealing with you. He can trouble what has been toubleling you. Now in <21-24> A man by the name of Jairus approaches him and He has a sick Daughter at home who is only 12 years old. This is an emotional problem. You get a sick youning, it will trouble your soul. Now in the mist of all of this a Woman comes to him with a physical problem. <25-34>.

Now we have seen an inward problem, an emotional problem and a physical problem.. Not only is God interested in what I am dealing with on the inside, He is interested in how I am feeling. (if I’m an emotional wreck or not) Not only interested in what I am dealing with not only is he interested in how I am coping, But he is interested in my physical condition.

Now in all three situation, they have one thing in common. THEY GOT TO JESUS.

I want to say today no matter what you are dealing with just get to Jesus. No matter how you are feeling, just get to Jesus. No matter what is wrong with you just get to Jesus.

I want to deal with the last of the situation today. And deal with this subject. WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS

This woman has been sick for 12 years<25> She has gone to every Doctor that she could find. And afford. Until one day she looked in her pocket- book and according to <26> She had spent every dime that she had trying to get help. And if she had of had any more money, it would not have done her any good according to Dr. Luke the Great Physician.

Luk 8:43 And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any,

Now you talking a person who has tried everything. Many Physicians<26>Luke said Spent all upon Physicians. Matt records this story but I guess the doctors had taken advantage of the situation that Matt. Did not even mention them.

This woman was as low as you can get. But there were still some things that she could be thankful for.

I: She could be thankful that she heard about Jesus:<27>

My God the greatest story that I ever heard was the story about Jesus. I’m glad when I was at what seem to be at my lowest somebody cared enough to tell me about Jesus. How many are glad that when you were at your lowest, somebody told you about Jesus?

II: She had just enough strength to get to Jesus:<27>

You may be here today and feel as if you have gone too far and no way can you get to Jesus. But I got good news for you. God will give every seeking person strength to get to him.

III: She had just enough Faith to believe Jesus for something. <28.>

“If I may touch but his clothes.”

IV: She should be thankful to God that the Doctors could do her no good. <26>

What a chance. She is broke, sick, weak, weary, but she said if I may touch his clothes.

This is what it took for her to get to Jesus. There are some times that God is just going to say I will not let the medicine work. I will not give the Doctors the understanding. I will not just let the situation work its way out. You must come to me.

Now as Paul Harvey would say. “Now the rest of the story”. <29> And straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up; In what the doctors could not do for 12 years. Jesus did with just one touch from this woman on his garments.

What a picture of a Sinner and a Saviour. Sinner friend you have tried everything. You have run and you have gotten weary from the run. I’ll tell you what to do. RUN TO JESUS. DO AS THIS DEAR WOMAN. COME AND TOUCH HIM. When all else has fail run to Jesus.