Summary: Parables are a practical illustration of heavenly truth. Jesus whilst teaching his disciples used so many of these parables to drive home heavenly truths. These were things that his folllowers at the time could relate to easily.

Parables are a practical illustration of heavenly truth. Jesus whilst teaching his disciples used so many of these parables to drive home heavenly truths. The were things that his folllowers at the time could relate to easily. The rich man in this particular parable can be likened to God. The steward or servant would be his disciples or Christians as the case may be. From out scripture today I'd like to point out few very important points from today's parable that would definitely apply to you and I.

The first point that I'd like to point out is that we are all steward(servants) of the richest king God. The word steward connotes someone put in charge of something that belongs to another. I would like to say our life is not our own as the owner can take it at anytime he wants. Therefore I am just a steward of the life that he (the king of heaven and earth) has given me. Which tells me that I'd have to give account of how I used it sometimes soon. I love the way people sing this song in church "my life is not my own, to you I belong, I give myself I give myself to you... I give myself away.. I give myself away.. So you can use me.. I give myself away". I am not sure we understand the full meaning of that song to be honest. I know it make for good worship lyrics but the act of it is what I'm not sure we are doing. The steward actually forgot that there was going to be a day that he would give account of what was committed to his care and lived recklessly wasting his masters goods. How often we waste the masters goods by using it for our own purpose and agenda. I remember the early part of my adulthood, my dream was to be the greatest, revered and feared by many, popular and recognised in every where I go. I went after these dreams with all that I had and even what I didn't have I stole or borrowed trying to be somebody. Lived every minute of my life for myself and myself alone. Every other person was a pun in my gave of chess. Well, I did very well for myself or so I thought until I discovered that all that I'd lived for gave me no satisfaction at all. I suddenly discovered after 7 years of pursuit of greatness and having achieved or fulfil my longings I still had a feeling of failure and emptiness that I couldn't explain. It is very important to use the masters goods how he wants it used. Also we need to understand that even our gift and our resources are his goods which we must give account of someday. They are not meant to be used how I want or for my own profit though I might profit from it along the way.

The second thing we need to learn from this story told by Jesus himself is that there is an accuser that knows what you should be using the master's resources for. The bible said someone told the master about how the steward was using the resources. The devil is the accuser and would constantly bring your account before your master. Remember even Jesus said the princes of this world have come and found nothing in me. Meaning the accuser tried but couldn't fault my use of the Father's resources. Let us strive as much as lie within us to use the resources we have to the best of the master's pleasure.

Thirdly, judgement would be avoided if we are honest enough to judge ourselves. The master asked the servant to give account but the servant looked closely at HIMSELF at knew he had not done well. He could have been upset at the people who reported him or be angry with the master for listening to the accusers. He could even have tried to justify or make excuses for his actions but no. He took responsibility for his failings. Taking responsibility for whatever mistakes we make shows God we are ready for a change. The bible started with a set of people who would rather blame everybody else except themselves for their mistakes. Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent! Who or what would the serpent blame?! Maybe their judgement wouldn't have been that hard if they had taken responsibility for their acts. Irresponsible couple! They are the reason why we all suffer under the yoke of sin!

The fourth lesson I would want us to learn in this story is what the steward did to make up for his account deficit. We need to understand first of all that for the steward to have access to these other debtor of his master he must have had prior dealings with them. Maybe he was in charge of collecting their debts. He did not show them kindness or give them reprieve before until he himself was cornered. There are things that would corner you in life so that you know what others are feeling when cornered. Though he did it for selfish reason God values the fact that in his tight condition he thought it well to relieve other people of their own pressures. We must also look at it in the light of the fact that he was unjust. He used worldly wisdom to get himself out of trouble but the moral of the story is that Christians too should learn from his gesture: 1. Never be too consumed with your own problems that you cannot stretch out a hand to help others. 2. Job was restored and delivered from his troubles when he prayed for his friends. 3. He knew the effect of not being alone when trouble come and so must we as Christians build bridges for the times of trouble. You would need people!

Finally, he said the children of this world are wiser than the children of the kingdom. What are true saying, whilst we are going on in our individualist and narcissistic approach to life the worldly people are building networks or chains of friendship to help one another. This steward knew finally that his net worth was his network. He finally came to the conclusion that when his source of livelihood is cut off what would sustain him would be his relationships. People who would open their doors to him. Most of the cults in the world today have very rich members and people join these cults to become rich. The riches don't come out of the clouds it come from people covenanted to showing each other the way. The most common prayer Jesus prayer for his disciples and for all Christians is that we may all be one even as he is one with the father but no.. We all have our own cliques and clubs. Until we break free from all our personality differences and focus more on relating to each other in our diversity then we might struggle to achieve our maximum.