Summary: Moses had excuses for why he could not serve God. So do we. But if we give ourselves weaknesses and all to God, God can and will use us.

Found list of excuses for accident on ins forms

I thought my window was down, but found it was not

when I put my hand through it

As I approached intersection a stop sign suddenly appeared

where no stop sign ever before and I was unable to stop

in time to avoid accident

I was sure the old fellow would never make it to

the other side of the road when I hit him

I was on way to Dr. with rear end trouble when my

universal joint gave way causing accident

A pedestrian hit me and went under my car

I pulled away from side of road, glanced at my

mother-in-law and headed over embankment

s Sometimes hard to admit mistakes

Did all I could work extra, can’t help fam wreck

Affair not my fault, husband not really

that loving, it just happened

Did not mean to cheat on test but

she showed me her answers

Sometimes hard to admit mistakes

Did all I could work extra, can’t help fam wreck

Affair not my fault, husband not really

that loving, it just happened

Did not mean to cheat on test but

she showed me her answers

Sometimes make excuses for our inactivity w\God

Moses chosen by God to lead Jews out of slavery

Imagine God beaming 3:7, 10, 16, go assemble elders of Israel say pack bags heard prayers

know about their misery every thing is now ready

I will free them from slavery

In Ch 3 and 4 Listen to Moses’ excuses

and see if some of them

fit for you

Maxie Dunham says most Christians do not sin by aspiring to do

too much for God we sheepishly settle

for doing too little for God

God invites us to move beyond our excuses

and discover our possibilities today

1. Who am I? 3:11-12

Moses said, Who am I to go to the king and lead your people out of Egypt? Exodus 3:11 CEV

A. Who do I think I am to do something like this

1. Whenever anyone begins a new task bound to be fear,

and insecurities; I can’t do this

not spiritual, good enough, talented

2. M overwhelmed awesome task before him

3. all felt personally inferior, great achievers

deal w\fears & doubts diff is they press on w\out all answers, fear, deal w\mistakes

B. How do we deal with this excuse?

1. Remem who w\you, vs 12 I will be w\you

2. Phil 1:6 Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus

3. vs 12b sign will worship me here

Did in Ex 19&24 took faith God doesn=t always remove our doubts asks us to faith our way thru them, what if Moses stopped?

What awesome task has God placed before you?

As we look at possibilities God reveals dreams

sometimes they scare us to death

2. Who are You ? 3:13

A. Anytime someone comes to you w\a proposal

1. Want to know who you work for...

2. What should I say if they

ask me your name? 3:13

B. May not work for God question who God is

1. Is God just a figment of my imagination,

a benevolent do gooder in world

My conscious to bring out best in me

2. 3:14 ehah a ehah, I am who I am,

almost untranslatable translated Yahweh

I am who I am, I was who I was,

I will be who I will be GOD

3. If we can explain or contain God

then is God really God

Moses knew who God was just came from burning bush rev. of God now God asking him to do something go out on limb Moses says who are you

4. God is Creator, Alpha and Omega,

all powerful, knowing ever present, Love, Savior, Father Son and Holy Spirit, And that=s just Kindergarten desc of God

3. What Can I Do? 4:1

A. This is self doubt just can=t believe it=s true

1. Read that when Tom Cruise in London

for premiere of Minority Report mingling in

Crowd, people gave him cell phones begged him to talk to their friends when he said

Hello this is Tom Cruise many no believe it

B. Whenever try to do something for God

We must face our doubts

1. Maybe my message is not powerful enough

Every servant of God who is honest has dealt with this excuse

2. just seems gospel has lost it=s power

Maybe bad news more powerful than good

3. How can I know for sure?

My life does not measure up?

C. If we accept this excuse then should quit it all

1. If all we are is happy talk, group dynamics, then close the doors, give up the sham

other powers in world today but J greatest

2. Use what God has given you

what Jesus did Feed 5,000 w\loaves & fishes

Changed water at the feast in to wine,

3. So God says what is that you have Moses? A staff God used it, Your hand look at it will show my power, Water it’s all around

David gave God a sling I Sam 19:40,

Disciples gave Jesus a net Luke 5:1-11

4. God is calling Moses to faith,

to give what he has, God asks same of us

When we move forward accepting the challenge God has for us, God fills in the gaps!

And often things we thought we needed

we do need them or God gives them to us

4. What Can I say ? 4:10

A. L..L..Lissstten I am a stutterer

1. Excuse says I am flattered you called me

But bound to be someone better than I

2. Everyone has weaknesses, all have failed

Q is will we continue to live our failures,

let them cripple us

3. Moses was having a hard time

believing in himself or God right then


Ordinary peo to DO EXTRAORDINARY

B. Remember who it is that called you

1. Who makes people speak??

Who makes our senses work or not work?? God does

God knows us better than we know selves

2. I=ll be w\your mouth teach you what to say

Only when we realize that we cannot do it does God get the glory

who can overcome your weaknesses?

3. 2 Cor 12:10 when I am weak

then I am strong

4. God says to Moses I will be God

and you be you, leave it up to me

5. We are called to be God=s instruments

To help others

Who am I that I should do this ?

Who are you anyhow ? What can I do ?

Will it be successful? What can I say ?

Can you God overcome my weaknesses

You can say no to God 4:13

Moses said Go ask someone else

Note God’s response vs 14 anger of God is

kindled vs Moses

Moses was threatening to thwart the plan of god

God chose someone else to go along with Moses

But let’s not presume on this, not always the case

Not for Rich Young Ruler, Judas, or King Saul

Moses had logical arguments for his excuses

He grew up in Pharoah=s house,

people could think it was a plot

Did appear that Moses was a hot head sometimes when killed Egyptian beating slave 2:12

Plenty of excuses around that seemed reasonable

Just as there are for you and me today,

but God wants to use all of us make disciples and nurture them, to love like Christ

Sunday An excuse is skin of reason stuffed in a lie

Other a.m. met someone who shook my excuses

on way to work, saw 6 police cars, TV news van

there was Sonora 29 laying on pavement dead

not like TV no cover body, group talking,

just another day doing job, but not another day

last day for Sonora, 6 kids now no mom

she was someone's baby girl, crying

easy to say drug addict, do all can to help her

but stutterer, just like Moses, Reach kids

when God measures my life no excuses