Summary: a look at John 3:16

God’s love

John 3:16

Intro: 3:16 what is it

1: one verse

a) it explains everything

b) the Gospel in a nutshell

c) the one thing you need to get to heaven

d) the most recognized verse of any

Point: you see posters at sporting events, painted on bridges and on t-shirts John 3:16 is the most recognized but is it realized by those who see it? Is it just words or is it more???

2: John 3:1

a) Nicodemus

b) A Pharisee

c) A ruler of the Jews

d) He was educated and respected in his community

Point: he was part of the Sanhedrin a leader and one who was looked to and trusted to make decisions. But he needed more, he had a hunger and desire to talk to Jesus…


Body: Miracles

1: we know

a) people had testified

b) folks were healed

c) a man was raised from the dead

d) multitudes were fed

Point: Nicodemus believed the report and evidence that Jesus was from God because of the actions he had carried out. He said we know v2 because no one can do these things EXCEPT God be with him. What do we know about Jesus?

Have you been healed?

Did he come to you when everyone else wrote you off?

Has he saved you?

Fed you?

2: Nicodemus had a struggle

a) he was a Pharisee

b) he came by night

c) he wanted fulfillment

d) but no commitment

e) he wanted exposure to Jesus

f) without being exposed himself

Point: a lot of us are a lot like Nicodemus, I wanna know more but I can’t get to involved. Let’s hang out but only after all my others friends are gone. What a struggle to crave something so badly but also work so hard to keep it secret…

3: Born again

a) begin life anew

b) our thinking, and acting with reference to spiritual things goes through a revolution

c) Revolution: is a dramatic change in ideas and actions

d) Everything about us begins to change

Point: Nicodemus was in the beginning phases of salvation, the Holy Spirit was drawing him to Jesus. The revolution was starting in his heart.

Closing: Where are you today?

1: is there something more

a) would you like to find it

b) do you have a desire or hunger that you can’t quite explain

c) a curiosity or wondering in your mind or heart

Chances are the Lord is working to make some changes in your life, maybe your revolution is about to begin.

Belief in Jesus, trust in Jesus, accepting the love that God has for you through Jesus.