Summary: How could one miss the confidence and trust in his words as he boldly confesses, ‘ my Lord will send His angel with you and prosper your way?’

Genesis 24: “The Lord before whom I have walked will send His angel with you and prosper your way.”

When Abraham had to get his son Isaac married, he sent his servant on the job of seeking a wife for his son; when his servant gets skeptical about finding the ‘right woman’ for his master Abraham, above are the words of Abraham to his servant. How could one miss the confidence and trust in his words as he boldly confesses, ‘ my Lord will send His angel with you and prosper your way?’ Such should be our unshakable, unmovable, firm faith in our Lord!

I would like to share here a wonderful testimony of how God intervened in a particular problem that looked messy, knotted and unsolvable. A mistake that was made several years back, glared straight at our face and challenged us; my name had been wrongly entered in my daughter’s birth certificate – it would be a marathon message, if I have to explain the entire episode, let me stick to essential stuff. Now, nothing happened until she got out of high school, but when we were applying for her passport after she joined her Engineering college, did the ‘error’ boomerang in a big way. She had completed her schooling in a different city and now we were in Hyderabad, hence we had to travel all the way to that city and visit the corporation office to check what can be done. After several visits to the office and producing copies of bags and bags of evidences that ‘I was actually her mother’, everything came to a halt on a particular day, when we were asked by a lower level staff to pay Rs.2000/- to get things done. We firmly refused to give in to the demand and kept visiting the Corporation office. On one particular day, I traveled with my luggage straight to the office and desperately requested the staff to help me out but they very rudely shooed me away from the place. Yes, I used the exact word, they shooed me away. Depressed, dejected and tired, I called my husband over the phone and told him, ‘let us leave it to God to solve this problem for us.’

It would be untrue if I say I relaxed after surrendering the problem to God, I could not forgive myself for making a drastic mistake and putting my daughter into problem - without getting the mistake rectified, we could not move forward in getting her passport. One day, my family friend had gone to the Corporation Office on our behalf, to again check on the issue, suddenly an officer walked into the room and asked, ‘I have seen this gentleman come several times in the past many months to the office, what is the issue?’ You guessed right, the angel walked in! Hallelujah! He did not stop with that, he sat there rummaged the entire documents and all evidences of my birth certificate, marriage certificate etc; he finally ordered, ‘ what stops you in amending the certificate as they have given all the necessary proof, immediately issue a fresh birth certificate with the correct name of the mother.’ Within an hour we had a computerized copy of fresh birth certificate for my daughter with my correct name mentioned in it! She has ultimately got the passport too! Glory to Jesus! Can I finish this testimony by saying, ‘I did a victory dance?’ No, not at all…………I was filled with tears and gratitude and I did what the servant of Abraham, Eliezer did when he found the right woman Rebekah, as daughter-in-law for his master Abraham. This is what Eliezer did: (Genesis 24:48) ‘he bowed his head and worshiped the LORD, and blessed the LORD God of his master Abraham, who had led him in the way of truth.’ We avoided bribe and got the job done through the help of God and His angels! Amen.

As I face the various, inevitable challenges of my ministerial assignments, I could not have survived without His help. If today, you are in a fix, entangled in a complex problem of whatever nature; I encourage you to humbly submit to God and He would send His angels and help you too. Hope you were blessed!