Summary: God had instructed Jonah, God had spoken to Jonah, I believe to go to a certain place to preach the gospel, but the bible say’s that Jonah turned to a different direction in order to disobey or runaway from God.

I believe he hadn’t read the scripture written by David, it says: even if I make my bed in Hell, thou are there “AMEN”. I have come to realize in life that no one can hide from God, if God doesn’t speak to you now, it doesn’t mean that you have succeeded in hiding from God. People who made exploit for God though it wasn't too easy with them, but there a great need to find out their past way of living. You can only find out if you study the person hard enough. Ask questions and make sure that you are not marrying a strange man or woman. Be careful who you choose as a friend, not only in the secular world but also in the church.

Be careful who you choose as a partner. Find out about his\her past to avoid having any major shock after marriage. I have discovered how Men are so used to hiding their weaknesses, man believes if another man find out about his weaknesses, he’ll be vulnerable to that man all his life. We are so good at hiding our weaknesses our tears, our insecurity and our emotions, because we believe, as soon as people knows of it you’ll be like a stare to hurt that person. We try to hide our age, our identities, especially some women to impress men or their folks, we pretend a lot to impress others.

(short story) ill.

There was this business man, who tried to impress everyone that he was rich, so one day, a gentle man walked into his office. Immediately he took the phone, and was speaking big about 20%, 50% being given XYZ as shares, speaking big and talked of millions of dollars to impress the man who have been standing in front of his desk.

Finally he dropped the phone and asked the man can I help you. The man said I’ am from the telecommunication office, I have come to inform you that your phone is been disconnected for lack of payment. The phone you're talking with is dead. We are good at impressing others, hide our weaknesses to others. Adam sinned the first thing he did was to hide his face from God. Jonah the bible says after he heard the world of God, he decided to go away. Listen I don’t want to hide from God any more, you don't have to run away from your maker, we hide our fears (tell the person next to you don’t hide from God anymore

We use the wealth God has given us as a barrier, we use our education as a barrier that God cannot reach as anymore, people use their children as excuse to run away from God, Wives, husband, situations to run away from God. Let me tell you something God knows you better that you know yourself you can not impress God.

You can impress me you can impress everyone around. When we are in public we can pray a lot better than everybody. But when we are alone we deceive ourselves. Listen how God see you is what matters not how men sees you. I am saying to you today don’t run away from God like Jonah did. Jonah went to the wrong direction, same thing sometimes we go the wrong direction thing it is the easiest way for you.

Many have become like Jonah running away from opportunities, don’t run away from your opportunities, life it’s self is an opportunity. Don’t let the devil waste your life you may have had ten bad experiences but a new day has come to your life.

You may have joined the wrong cue it doesn’t matter you may have miss the way it doesn’t matter God is calling you today.

You know I read a story of a young boy who was returning home from night school walk through the grave yard and fell into one of the empty graves, in the grave was the boy struggled to jump out but there was no way. So he decided to sleep in there until the next day and it was very dark.

So few minutes later when it was very dark he heard some noise at the other corner of the grave, another person in the same grave he too could not manage to go out but decided to sleep till next day they could not see each other as the place was dark. So the first boy said you are not going out here tonight friend. And then the other guy heard the voice and jumped like a frog and some super natural power came upon him and he got out of the grave. Same thing many so called believes do they pretend everything is so difficult for them no matter how small it may be until something will push them to act. That young lad pretended that it was impossible to get out of the grave but a strange voice he can not see forced to take action.

He has been struggling to go out but when fear and challenge came he realized that what he couldn’t do before he can do now. Take advantage of the set goal that comes your way from God. The guy jumped and didn’t look back a second time. Sometimes when crisis comes your way God is opening a fresh door.

You can decide to make it work. Bible says, Jonah paid the price. Sometimes we don’t know the road turn that we make in our lives, is going to affect us, not only us, but our children’s children, because of a short time pleasure. The ship was moving here and there, they didn’t know what was going, but Jonah paid the fare but a

Almost perish innocent souls.