Summary: Faith, Trusting God

Our God Is Awesome!

Text; Jeremiah 32; 27 “Behold I am the LORD the GOD of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for me? “


A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine posted on his Facebook wall a testimony I’m about to share with you;

There was this Christian Soldier who willingly serves the Lord alongside his military career. He was so committed to his faith in Christ and expectedly in no distant time became an Object of disdain and mockery by his fellow soldiers including his garrison Commandant who saw this believer soldier preaching against their “usual” social practices as unacceptable. One fateful morning after the parade, the garrison commandant called out the believer solder, handed over a car key to him and commanded him to drive a car hitherto parked by the parade ground to the front of the Commandant office. The believer solder pleaded with his Commandant as he does not know how to drive.

Unknown to the believer soldier that the assignment was a plot to further ridicule and proves to him that his God is worthless. As it is customary in the military not to disobey the superior instruction, the believer soldier took the key from his commandant, marched to the car, starts the engine and drove it, parked it neatly in front of the commandant office.

When the brother returned to the parade ground; apparently to return the car key to the commandant, he saw his colleagues and commandant wailings and weeping. They all begged to know his God. Why? The Car believer soldier drove minutes ago had NO engine. Our God is awesome.

One of the things that give me pleasure and confidence as a believer is that; I serve God of assurance. The God who knew ahead of you; what your needs are even before asking Him. Every of my meditation on God’s personality has always been a spiritual delight and an indescribable revelations. Today I see Him as AWESOME! I mean very awesome.

How do I know this God is awesome?

In Genesis 18; 9-14; at the age of ninety when God affirms his promised unto Abraham’s wife Sarah to bear a son through a visiting Angel. Sarah herself doubted. Why? She was in her menopausal age. To her the prophesy contradicts the natural or scientific law of pro-creation. But when God is in any matter, natural and scientific stipulations are suspended. At advanced age of womanhood, how Sarah coped with Gestation period and delivery of Isaac remains a thing only God can do.

Also in Exodus 14; 10-16, We saw the account of the Israelites crossing the Red sea after God delivered them from Egyptian captivity. However, one mystery that was not accounted for in that story is; How do they walked across the dried sea depth. I am not a geo-scientist but my layman idea tells me that the distance from the Sea brim to its depth is not a stepping or leaping distance. In that if you jumped into this overwhelming pit vacated by water, you are not likely to survive it except you are trained in diving vocation. So how the Red sea bed was raised to become a pathway for children of God is a thing only our awesome God can do.

Awesome still, the story of Bro. Jonah on his way to Tarshishi is another mystery of how great this my God is. I’m sure many of my readers will remember the story. Therefore our focus in this exhortation is; how did Jonah survived three days in the belly of the fish with his ventilatory system cut off is a mystery only this unlimited God can unravelled. How the fish equally survived his digestive system being suspended with heavy body mass in it for three day was yet to be discountenance by any scientist till today. Jonah stayed in the fish belly for three days without fundamental needs according to human anatomy stipulations. Oh! This God is awesome.

Again, in Mathew 17; 22-27; When our Lord Jesus Christ was confronted with a trap politically motivated aimed at getting Him arrested for tax evasion. The Lord asked Peter to go into the sea and open the mouth of the very first Fish caught. When Peter carried out these directives, he extracted a metal Coin from the fish mouth and paid the tax collectors. The awesome God we serve can create a Minting arrangement to meet your seemingly disgraceful financial challenges. Just Trust Him

The account of three Hebrew heroes of faith in Daniel 3; 13-25 is an attestation of God that never fail. Bible recalls King Nebuchadnezzar in his grandiose habit challenged the authority of God over his’. He commanded the fiery furnace be heated seven times more than the usual pressure and have Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego thrown into it. My Bible confirms that the executioners who carried out the king verdict on these Hebrew brothers were summarily consumed by the fire flame, yet condemned criminals but God’s saints came out of the furnace unhurt. Are you physically or emotionally incarcerated by fiery furnace of Life, keep on trusting Him; You will come out victoriously.

Lastly, in John 11; 14-44. The Lord Jesus Christ assured Martha, that her brother Lazarus will rise again. Martha doubted! Why? Lazarus has been dead for four days and as at the time of Jesus arrival on the scene, he was terribly stinking. By the spoken word of “Loose him and Let him go”; the dead, stinking and decomposing Lazarus was revived and restored. No matter how dead your situation is; the spoken word of our awesome God will work for you. Just hold on to it.

You are reading this sermon and you have not given your life to Christ. Accept Him as your Lord and Personal Saviour today. With this decision alone you are on the way to experience the best part of your life.

More grace to you.


Sing this Song with me;

My God is Awesome

He can Move the Mountain

Keep me in the Valley

Hide me from the Rain

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

-Charles Jenkins