Summary: Life is filled with challenges. sometimes along the way, we lose our way and in the process, for one reason or another, we lose our joy or strength, among other things. God promises to restore if we let Him.

RESTORE ME LORD (Psa.51:12; Neh.8:10; Psa.23:3)

(Rev.Michael Jakes)

1. WHAT is restoration?

•to cause to return

•to bring back to a former condition

•to make whole

•to repair or renovate

Other words linked to restoration:


2. WHY we need restoration:

You need restoration when:

Things that need to be restored:

-Joy (Psa.51:12)

-Strength (by inference Neh.8:10)

-The Soul (Psalm 23:3)

-Years (Joel 2:25)

3.Things that can damage, break, hurt or destroy these things (bring us to the point of despair where we sense loss within ourselves and the need to be restored): (or)

WHO needs restoration? (Those who have been plagued by-)

-Satan (he is a thief and will attempt to take whatever it is you need for this journey)

-Sin (it is deceitful and promises much but in the end leaves you miserable, empty, broken and unfulfilled)

-Self (preoccupation with worldly pursuits)

-Circumstances (both natural and difficult)

4. Receiving Restoration:

Remember first and foremost that restoration comes from the Lord. The Psalmist said that it was the Lord who restored his soul and asked Him to restore his joy.

It is at the Cross where all transactions concerning my life take place. There I am saved; there I am sanctified and there I will be restored.

-Actively pursue it (be passionate not passive- based on 1Sam.30:8)

-Feed on the Word (Psa.19:7)

-Cast your care upon Jesus (1Pe.5:7)

-Encourage yourself in the Lord (1Sam.30:6)

-Rejoice in the Lord (Phil.4:4)

If you think that there is too much turmoil in your life for restoration to begin and thrive, read Psa.23:4 and following: Yea (even though) I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...). He seems to be saying that even in the midst of stress and distress, and there are 'odds against you' circumstances, God still restores-if I will allow Him to.


Restore my soul in the valley

That I might be worthy at last

To stand with thee

On the top of the mountain

In the valley restore my soul