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This Day:

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"

Have you ever felt like time is racing against you? And truly , time is an expert runner. He doesn't get tired at any lap and never slows down; not even for a split second.

That's how we often are driven to feel when the clock is ticking and that job, marriage, project completion or even career advancement has not been favourably forthcoming.

Even amplifying the pain may be your sighting of others around you making progress, while yours seems to be a reality only in your imagination.

So how do you deal with this situation? Well, a good starting point is to realise that the race of life is unlike the conventional sports racing you witness on track and field events. What matters in the race of life is not who came in first or last, but who stayed their lane, gave their best of energy and resources and eventually completed their 'individual' lane.

Its often easy and tempting to get depressed and discouraged when you look at where you're going and how long its taking to get there; considering all the resources and time that's been spent. But not so!

It is both wisdom and a joy not to see alone where you want to get to, but how far you've already come. Realise that there are people striving with all their might just to be where you are at this very moment.

In due time, your own season of joy and reward would come. You've been waiting. Your waiting would not be in vain.

"He makes all things beautiful in IT's time"

In your own time, you would shine with radiating beauty. It may seem to delay, but be assured, your time would not pass you by.


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