Summary: An easy to understand definition of what backsliding is and a brief explanation of about twelve causes of backsliding

Generally speaking, backsliding means turning away from the Lord. It refers to growing cold, losing interest in the Lord, the Bible, church attendance, prayer, witnessing and turning to the world and the old way of life. (I King 11: 9, Rev. 2:4)

There are many things that ultimately result into backsliding, as you know, “curse causeless shall not come”

1. Love of the world. II Tim. 4:10, Ex. 32: 4- 6, I John 2: 15 – 17, I Sam 8:5.

Wanting to be like other “nations” in dressing, celebrations, conversations, and in marriage will take the Christian straight into the midst of the world. When Demas loved the world, he departed from God.

2. Love of Money. John 13:29, I Tim 6: 9-10. Some people are too desperate to get money. Reckless pursuit of money is sure to take any Christian away from grace. We all need money, but the love of God should be supreme in our heart.

3. Prayerlessness. Heb 4:14 –16, 2 Cor. 10:3-5. The devil seeks to bring the believer down he can however be solidly resisted through prayers.

4. Evil Association. I Kings 11: 4, John 18: 17, 25. I Cor. 15: 33, Prov. 13:20. Sin is contagious. If you associate with the wicked, you may soon learn their wicked acts. Evil companionship pollutes good men.

5. Fear of Man. Matt 26:70 – 74. Fear of persecution, attack, and parental rejection has made many to look back into the world.

6. Desire to be Independent. Luke 15: 12 -1 3. When a Christian begins to think that no one can really direct his life, when he begins to think he is mature enough to be independent without spiritual supervision, he is in for a fall.

7. Other causes

(a) Failure to read the Bible for spiritual instruction. John 5:39, 2 Tim 2:15.

(b) Lack of spiritual growth. Once there is no growth, there will be death. There must be concrete attempt at spiritual growth.

(c) Failure to maintain quiet time. Quite time is necessary to receive daily strength and guidance. Without it becomes easily to enter into the devil’s trap.

(d) Forsaking church attendance (Heb 10:25). There is a power obtainable from corporate worship, without it the Christian life become dull.

(e) Not having spiritual partners – when you walk alone you

suffer alone. You need spiritual partners of the same sex to pray and share together. Ecc. 4:9-12

(f) Disobedience to the Spirit of God.

Please take note that when causes are taken care of curse will not come.