Summary: If you want to come out of situations/if you want circumstances to change. Then you need to look beyond yourself/beyond your books/beyond friends/look up. Look to God.If you look up you shall get up.

PERFECT PEACE ONLY FROM GOD. (Evangelical sermon).

.Isa.26:3.”Gd will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is fixed on Gd,because he trusts in Gd.”Beloved the world lacks peace. When does the world lack peace? Is it not when one is experiencing adverse circumstances/when things don’t go as they should? when one is in debt/in pain/in problems?Not only that, real restlessness/or unrest comes when he has to fix the problem. Haven't you seen children are aliens to unrest?why?Not because thy do not have problems. Though it may not be as big as adults, but they have their own problems. which is a mountain for their small hearts.but yet why do they not suffer from stress related troubles? Why do they not all suffer from diabetes/heart attacks/tension/sleepless nights? The answer is simple. They do not go to meditation centers/they do not spend time in doing good work/ or think positive. One thing they do and that is look to their dad/mom and say please help me in this and they sleep peacefully. When Sandra my daughter was small, she would not pack her school bags. I would ask her, have you packed your bags. She would boldly say. I don’t have to worry. Mummy does that. Just yesterday .I said.Sandra.your tuition time begins in half hour. you have to take bath get ready. She was very calm. she said.Daddy.Momma knows it. she is in the kitchen she will not forget to send me in time. she will come up and sure enough her momma came at the right time and took her straight in the bathroom and got her ready. what I want to say is. the world has various ways of tackling restlessness, but bible has just one. God will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Gd,because he trusts on Gd. That is the simple answer. Bible speaks of David. He had lots of stress in his life .There is one incident that I would like to share with you. Bible says in 1Sam.30.David and his men had just come back home to their village in Ziklag.when they returned they found that their houses had been burnt to the ground by the amalekites. they had even taken away all their wives/children.David and his men were shattered completely. They wept. David also wept. it was a natural/appropriate response given to their situation. but things went quickly from bad to worse the very next moment. The men lost their mind on David and blamed him for what was happening to them.For they were his employes. Out of their anger/frustration/sorrow they began speaking of killing David. Man has no peace today.Job.33:19.”Man is chastened with pain on his bed and with unceasing complaints. in his bones.” David was distressed,he too had lost his wife/children. But David went to a says v.6.”He encouraged himself in the lord his God.”In the midst of devastation/in the midst of people blaming him and turning against him. David started casting his burden upon the lord. God gave him victory. God said. David go after them and I will see none of the wives/ children would be killed. No hair on their head will fall. David told his people not to worry and encouraged them and by Gods divine intervention, they got all their wives/children. How did this happen?Because one man David trusted God in the midst of trouble. He knew how to get in touch with Gd.Ps.119:165.”Great peace have they who love the word of God and nothing can make them stumble.”Ps.85:8.”Gd promises peace to his people,but let them never return back to their folly.’ Isa.54:10.”for the mountains shall depart, hills be removed ,but my kindness shall not depart from you nor the covenant of peace be removed says Gd. Beloved are you facing Ziklag situations in your lives? have you experienced loss and even more loss now? Yes it is obvious you can get discouraged/dismayed/depressed. you can even start to question Gd. Maybe like David’s men you begin to point fingers and blame others/your wife/your son/daughter/or boss/work /situation/devil. or self. the times we live in can be quite stressful. But you need not sit on the ash heap weeping your situations.No matter how bad they are. you have a choice about what/or how you feel in the situation and how to come out of your situation. In the midst of devastation ,loss/in the midst of his men blaming him and wanting to kill him. David decided to encourage himself in the lord. In the midst of your trouble. if you keep coming for the Saturday blessing meeting. without missing it,till God comes to your will see before long you are out of your woods. Why do thousands throng this place every week.? Some say. if only I get all the riches of the world. If only I get enough salary/a house/bank balance. I will have peace. Bible says when God made our first parents. He gave them everything.they were the richest people in the world,ever.but God said. I have given you everything,but see that you don’t break relationship with me. The devil came and deceived them both saying. You have everything why do you need God?You will have peace/rest/joy if you are alone and none over your head.How foolish.Can a branch that is cut off from the tree survive long?Can fish live without water?Can a papyrus plant grow without marsh? Our first parents were deceived. they broke the relationship with God and having the world before them, they thought they could make it. what a folly of man, to think that he can live without God. Man doesn’t know that he has been so created that without God he can never have peace, he can never live joyfully. And you see the result of it all. They lost their peace. They started groping in the dark. They realized they needed God, but it was too late, and they committed another folly, man started making gods in his own image and likeness. They lost their peace, because the world was sustained by Gd. He is not only the creator he is the sustainer too. but life left the earth. Man was gripped with sorrow.That is why Jesus came. He took the sins of the world/died/rose again. He came to change your situation. Only he can bring peace to your situation.Beloved darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Come to the light of life. Jesus said. I am the true light that has come on this earth.Ps.29:11.the lord gives strength to his people,the lord blesses his people with peace.’ Man craves for peace, but man is not willing to do what it takes to achieve peace, he’ will rather take alternate route and look for ways to find peace, that generally bring more chaos than peace. If only man knows that to get peace is the easiest thing in the world. you wouldn’t waste your time in seeking thru scores of suggestions the world offers. Some say you need to realize that you cannot have complete control over things/circumstances/situations,so you need to adjust your outlook and actions accordingly and accept what the world throws at us. It looks very good, but there is no foundation. If you want to come out of situations/if you want circumstances to change. Then you need to look beyond yourself/beyond your books/beyond friends/look up. Look to God.He has the power to change situations/he rules over the skies/times/seasons/ and people. Some say have positive thoughts of your life. Will just having positive change my situation? Will changing a perception change my sorrow in to joy? You need Jesus.Lk.8:43. says a woman was suffering from bleeding for 12 yrs.she had no peace. she spent all her money and yet she was not picking up on heath. what will she do now. If her strength fails, who will take care of her in her old age. She had become restless. She heard of Jesus she said if I will only touch the hem of his garment I will be made whole. she saw Jesus in the crowd and she came quietly and touched the hem of his garment and she was healed. Jesus said who touched me? she came trembling before Jesus. Jesus said.daughter.your faith in me has made you whole. Now go in peace. That means she had no peace for 12 yrs.How did she get peace? By reading books/by thinking positively/by doing good works? touching Jesus/by focusing on taking the help of Jesus.There was this fellow who couldn’t eat nor sleep.the devil was troubling him every day. He had no peace/lost his focus on work/wife/child. He wanted to die. He cried on the stage like a child. Jesus touched him and healed him. He was so happy. As David had to move from grief to fear and fear to encouragement and strength in the midst of a very negative situation David decided to feel positive because he trusted Gd.People talk of being positive.But positive answer doesn’t just come by being positive, but by moving positively towards God you can stay positive.Ps.62:1.”My soul wait in silence for Gd only,from him is my salvation.” This world cannot offer peace .Deut.28:65 onwards says. among the nations you shall find no rest and there will be no resting place for the sole of your foot, but you will have a trembling heart/failing eyes/despair of soul. Your life shall hang in doubt before you, you will be in dread night and day and shall have no assurance of your life. In the morning you shall say when will it be evening. at evening. you will say,when will it be morning.Amos.8:12.”People will stagger from sea to sea/from the north even to the south.” Mt.11:28.”Cme to me all you labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”Ex:This testimony was shard on the TV.There was this Muslim man by name Dr.Nasir Siddiki. He was multi-millionaire/one day found patches on face/strange sickness. His face swelled up. He was rushed to the hospital. He was diagnosed with worse case of shingles. His immune system had shut down at the age of 30.a multi worsened,his ear almost reached his his immune system had collapsed. He is going to die next day.Tht night he was alone in his room and he cried like a child. I want to live. I don’t want to die. I know none of my prophets have healing power.Is there any God that can heal? One figure stood. Before him in a marvelous light. and that person said. I am Jesus I am the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. and he smiled and vanished. Next morning the doctors said .Your immune system is working fine. You can go home now. The whole town came to known of him. This happened. in London. Today he is on God TV.preaching the good new of the love of Jesus. Phil.4:6.says ”be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication let your requests be made known.Ex 33:14.”My presence will go with yu and I will give you rest.’Jn.14:27.”Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you,not as the world gives give I unto Yule not your heart be troubled nether let it be afraid.’ The world and the devil will tell you,you do not have a choice, things are too bad. He will say.What good can God do. don't fall for choose to follow Jesus. !!!

(Evangelical sermon preached every saturday to crowds above 10,000).

Peter David Silway.

Peter Silway Ministries.

Vineyard Workers Church.