Summary: What's the focus of our hearts?

Please open your Bibles to 1 Samuel ……

We noted from the beginning of the Book that Samuel was prayed for by his mother Hannah. Samuel was dedicated to the Lord and the Lord called him to be a prophet. Later in the Book of 1 Samuel, we will be introduced to a godly man named David. But before King David, God taught Israel through a man named Saul.

Who was Saul?

Saul was a tall self-confident young man from the Tribe of Benjamin.

Saul started out with small faith in God but God chose him as king to the Israelites who were wanting.

Although Saul was chosen by God, Saul had free will to choose.

As God taught the Israelites through Saul, we too are to learn how to live with free will under the influence of God! Let us continue our study of 1 Samuel 10; read along with me v9-16………

We note in v9 that God changed Saul’s heart. What does this imply?

Saul’s heart needed changing! Heart here indicates the inner person! Saul’s inner self (what made him “tick”, what drove his life) needed changing! The direction of his life needed changing; Saul’s life needed to be directed towards God, not towards his own self, or to his family, or towards the world!

And what do we note in v10? The Spirit of God came upon Saul in power! And what was the result? – Saul became a prophet! A prophet means speaking for God! With the Spirit of God in him, Saul spoke for and represented God!

And what do v11-12 indicate for us? Saul spoke for God but the people affirmed that he is just a human being!

Now, what happened in v13? The gift of speaking for God stopped for Saul; but what did Saul do??

Saul went to the high place indicating his change of heart. Even though the power of God stopped through him, Saul now pursued worship! Remember when he got tired and couldn’t find the lost donkeys? – Saul just wanted to go home at that time and be comfortable.

And based on what happened in v16, how can we say that Saul had a change of heart??

v16: Although Saul was a mere human being who still had power to choose, Saul did not brag about God’s plan for him!

Saul’s faith in God grew stronger with a changed heart and with that faith came humility!

From this passage, what does the Creator God desire from human beings on earth??

1. a changed heart!

2. be filled with the Holy Spirit!

3. yield to God’s empowerment!

4. pursuit worship!

5. humility!

As we prepare for Communion, let us ask ourselves, what must I do?

A changed heart and being filled with the Holy Spirit will happen as we truly believe in Jesus Christ as our only Savior and God! What or who is directing our lives?

We must learn to know and exercise spiritual gifts God gives us!

We must daily look for opportunities to worship God!

Humility is a product of our faith in Christ! How’s our ego?

Take a moment to quietly pray about these things!