Summary: God's plan is not a program. God's plan is man, and you are that man" - Pastor. Colton Wickramaratne

* Some of the ideas presented have been adopted from other authors to help expand and explain the subject.

Brian Money and Brian Love

There is always a conflict between the two. One is Business orientated. One is Christian minded. And the strangest of all is that they are one and the same person.

We all have them in us. We need to choose on who will shine above all.

• Brian Money wants the Job done. Brian Love teaches you on how to get it done.

• Brian Money wants Perfection. Brian Love shows you how to get there.

• Brian Money wants things done in Time. Brian Love encourages you to achieve it on time


The Greek word for Skill is "Sophia", which also means Wisdom.

Proverbs 8 gives us much insight into this Skill / Wisdom.

In O.T, the word for Skill is to know.

o To know completely and thoroughly

• You talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God - Leo F. Buscaglia

What is Skill?

• Skill is gaining the Knowledge (Arindu) and getting the understanding (Purindu) and executing it (Seyal Padu). (Proverbs 4:7)

• Skill is Important to God

• "'God gives skill, but not without men's hand." - George Eliot (A.k.a. Mary Ann Evans) - 1819 - 1880

• Skill is not a Business necessity (Avasiyam) but a Spiritual imperative (Mukkiya Thevai)

• Skill in action is a wonderful thing to behold.

• If Skill is just what we can do, then what sets us apart is the degree to which we can do it better.

Skill in Culture - Is what enables us to beat the person next to us (Competition).

• Being skilled is not a competition.

o Goliath challenged the losers to be slaves.

o Goliath showed his skills and wanted dominance through:

 Experience

 I've been here for long

 Knowledge

 I know the job better, have done this a million times

 Strength

 I am stronger

 Skills

 I am educated in this.

• Skill is not fighting your way to the top.

• God created skill to be a mastery that at its heart is constructive and creative.

• Skill is not a weapon of destruction, but of commitment to the welfare of others.

• BRIAN competes not as a Goliath, but as a David, with passion and commitment.


Character in Greek means "Ethos"

• Ethos is what you think of a person BEFORE he speaks or acts.

• Ethos - the Thought on Character of a person can change overtime.

• To accept what you say, you need to be accepted first.

• So, Ethos is not of your, but of what is seen by the eyes of the beholder.

o Character though shown from within, it is explained and experience by the beholder.

1. Ethos (plural: ethe) is an appeal to the authority or credibility of the presenter. It is how well the presenter convinces the audience that he or she is qualified to present (speak) on the particular subject. It can be done in many ways: What does one SEE in you.

2. Pathos (plural: pathe) is an appeal to the audience’s emotions, and the terms pathetic and empathy are derived from it. It can be in the form of metaphor, simile, a passionate delivery, or even a simple claim that a matter is unjust. Pathos can be particularly powerful if used well, but most speeches do not solely rely on pathos. Pathos is most effective when the author or speaker demonstrates agreement with an underlying value of the reader or listener. What does one FEEL in you.

3. Logos (plural: logoi) is logical appeal or the simulation of it, and the term logic is derived from it. It is normally used to describe facts and figures that support the speaker's claims or thesis. Having a logos appeal also enhances ethos (see above) because information makes the speaker look knowledgeable and prepared to his or her audience. What does one HEAR in you.

What is Character?

o "The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time - Henry David Thoreau

• Commitment [Character] is Important to God

• Character is shaped by everything you do - every thought, every choice.

o "It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." - Anthony Robbins

o David had a moment to kill Saul, but his decision shaped his character.

o Joseph had a moment to fall with Potiphar's wife, but his decision shaped his character.

• Take Ownership of Your Character



o Do what you are GIFTED and WIRED to do.

 Your Primary Objective - FIRST

 Thereafter everything else according to purpose and plan.

o Job 27:5,6 - "I will not deny my integrity, I will maintain my righteousness and never let go of it; my conscience will not reproach me as long as I live."

• Start Your Pattern Early and Don't Let Up

o An ancient Chinese Proverbs says, (Galatians 6:7)

 Sow a thought (Sindanai), reap an act (Kiriyai)

 Sow an act, reap a habit (Palakkam)

 Sow a habit, reap a character (Gunam)

 Sow a character, reap a destiny (Vidi)

o David was a Giant-Slayer even before he faced Goliath.

 he fought a Lion and a Bear

o How has your young days shaped your character?

o We all have weaknesses.

 For some it may be keeping time.

 For some it may be keeping paper-work.

 For some it may be reporting.

 etc...

• Character is not About Perfection

o David sinned, but the overall pattern was a man after God's own heart (Acts 13:22)

o David stumbled, but the overall patter was a man who pursed the heart of God (Acts 13:36)

 He set an example to his generation.

o We all should KNOW that we ARE going to mess-up. But what you DO about it, makes-up your character.

o it is not so much failure that forms character, but what we do after failure

 Do we cover it up, ignore it, deny it, blame it on others or do we admit it, walk toward it and embrace personal change?

Write in your own words:

• What is Skill as you understand it?

• What is Character as you understand it?