Summary: This message talks about the first miracle of Jesus where He turned the water into wine. Hearers will learn that needs, problems and trials are part of life and we can trust Jesus to help us during these times. Hearers will also learn the faith of Mary.


ELOHIM Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines

March 7, 2015

Good morning. It is good to see you today. The Bible says I was glad when they said unto me let us go to the house of the Lord. It is good that you can go to Church today. You see, there could be many reasons why you cannot come to Church. You maybe sick, lazy, weak, you may have a very important thing to do but still you have chosen to be here today. Or maybe you don't have a reason but still you're still here. There is no accident in God.

This morning I would like to talk about miracle. The first miracle of Jesus. Do you believe in miracles? You should; because all of us is a miracle. Let's open our Bibles to the fourth gospel, the gospel of John. Let's read Chapter 2:1-11

Background info...

Wedding is a weeklong celebration therefore plenty of food and drinks are expected. Wine is a symbol of Joy.


- Need/Problem is a part of life

In my life as a pastor, I have already attended several weddings. I could not forget a wedding where I tasted a soup. I assumed it was hot but to my surprised, the soup was so cold and the food was so late. I couldn't imagine the embarrassment of the couple.

Wine symbolizes joy. No wine means no party.

As an application, sometimes we are losing joy or we are in a deep problem, aren't we? But problems are part of life.

Peter says do not be surprised when you encounter trials of many kinds.

Paul says that we will not be tested beyond our capacities to win over it and God will provide a way of escape.

Trials are like typhoon it doesn't stay forever. There are just passing by.

- Problem is a foundation of a miracle

Need is the foundation of a miracle. There is no solution when there is no problem.

Healing comes when we are sick

Provision comes when we are in need or in debt

Bread comes to feed the 5,000 hungry men

Sight comes to a blind man

Healing comes to a paralyze man, to a bleeding woman, to a blind man,

-Makes or break. It can make you better or bitter

James says rejoice whenever you trials of many kind

Rejoice when you have a need because you are a candidate for a miracle.


Mary could be a relative of the married couple or she could be in charged of the wine. So when the wine is gone, she knew they are in great trouble so she went to the right person.

When Jesus was born Mary knew there is something special with Him. When He was growing she knew Jesus was special. And so when the wine is gone she told Jesus about it.

- Where do we go when there is a need?

Are we like the disciples that resorted to counting, working, saving to meet a need?

Do we go to Credit card

Let us be like Mary. Let us come to Jesus when we have a need.

- Problems point us to God

Worry or Pray

Always Pray and Never Give up

Whenever you come to Jesus you will never fail. They that call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. A.S.K.


Ordinary Water for ceremonial washing was turned into a

Finest of all wine.

Mineral, Distilled, Alkaline,

- The world is reformation business

- God is in the business of transformation

- Zacchaeus looked and he found Jesus

Bartimaeus shouted and Jesus healed him

Bleeding woman hold on to Jesus hem and she got healed


This miracle caused the disciples to believe in Jesus

Any met needs should cause us to have a strong faith.


Problems come to our lives. No one is exempted. How do we handle our problems make us or break us. Are we like Mary who gave her problems to Jesus? We have seen that when Jesus is in control he will turn ordinary water into a finest wine. May we turn over our lives to Jesus and let Him turn our situation and our lives into something beautiful.