Summary: The Great Commission

Go: Engage

Relationship with the Father

Luke 2:49…Did you not know I had to be about my Father’s business (KJV)

Luke 22:42 “Not my will but Your will be done.”

John 14:31 “I do what the Father commands.”

Jesus’ relationship with His father was characterized by Christ’s absolute obedience as He brought Himself into complete submission to the very will of His Father.

Relationship with Believers

Fishers of Men…consider the context, We need Jesus to evangelize the world. We cannot do it alone.

Salt and Light…Matthew 5:13-16…We are the salt and light of the world. This comes following the Sermon on the mount. That sermon He gave was not a code of ethics. Rather, it is a description of Christian character. It is the definition of holy living, it is the definition of a life worthy of the calling God has entrusted and called us to.

Friendship…John 15:15…we are friends of God. Christ has made known to us, the will of the Father.

John 13:34-35…Jesus gives us a new command to love one another. This command is unique to us as His believers, as His church. We are called to love one another as brothers and sisters united in Him. The purpose of doing so is to reflect our identity as Christ’s people.

His relationship with believers is characterized by His love for us, his call for us to love one another and the inception of a new covenant based adoptive family. When Christ called on the disciples to follow Him, he assumed and expected a radical transformation. He assumed and expected that His followers would become His disciples, meaning they would follow after Him and become like Him. The very life of Jesus Christ is what being a disciple is all about. It is being Christ like.

Relationship with Unbelievers

Luke 19:10…”The Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”

Matthew 20:28…”For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.”

Engaging Evangelism

Jesus, the Evangelist

Jesus’ very life was an evangelistic event. He Himself was the good news and presented Himself to the world.

His model of evangelism

He was compassionate towards others

He made the most of every opportunity

He did not underestimate the power of multiplication. He knew he might not reach everyone, so he reached some and disciple them so they could reach out as well.

He taught the importance of evangelism

He practiced personal, intentional evangelism. The gospels record over 40 evangelistic events in which Jesus encountered someone as He reached out to them.

He sought people and he was approachable.