Summary: Whom are you emulating today? Timothy imitated his mentor Apostle Paul and had phenomenal spiritual growth!

Timothy's proven worth!

Philippians 2:21”For they all seek their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ.

22 But you know Timothy's proven worth…”

Riveted by the words ‘Timothy’s proven worth’ I write this devotion! I’m all set to preach the same at our evening service today as well! The faithfulness, loyalty, commitment and sincerity were just not in words but Timothy had passed the test in his life and above are the accolades and compliments that he receives from his spiritual father Apostle Paul! Timothy stuck close to his mentor Paul in all situations and emerged strong and mighty!

In the ‘Abide-in-Christ’ Fire camp held this year, Stephen, a young hindu convert, paid money from his pocket for the train tickets and brought around ten people for the camp; God watched his burden for souls and blessed the young boys who had come for the meeting. We need such leaders who would sacrificially work for the Kingdom of God! People do not want to give up their ‘weekend’ for God, it is too precious and they want to dance with the devils rather than come to His Sanctuary. Are you listening? Our vacation is too valuable to spend at a fire camp, we rather spend it at the mall loitering around with popcorn in our hands. Oh! What a selfish world! People are not ready to give up their window seat in the train compartment for a young child or their lower berth seat for an elderly person. People seeking after their own interests! If you have been selfish, self-centered and rude, never cry when people do not care to visit you when you are sick; what you sow is what you reap! Look around friend, look beyond that apartment of yours! Use your car to chauffeur a church member to church, you may have to take a long route or go the extra mile in doing it, go ahead do it. God is watching!

While here I am teaching little children of Abide School who are deprived of good schools, today I even cooked for my school kids because the cook did not turn up; I watch God take care of my sister, my daughter and my son in an amazing way. God’s finger print are in their lives! God would never forget what you do for Him! Never ever! He is a faithful God! Timothy started off as a believer, then became a close, trusted disciple of Apostle Paul and then eventually he became the first-century Christian Bishop of Ephesus, this is what the Bible scholars tell us. Phew! This is what you call as exponential growth!

Whom are you emulating today? Timothy imitated his mentor Apostle Paul and had phenomenal spiritual growth!