Summary: study in 1 Corinthians

Tough Teaching

I Corinthians 11:1-16

1. Headship - v. 3

God ---- Christ ---- Man ---- Woman

A. Christ is equal to God - Phil 2:6

B. Christ submission is voluntary - Phil. 2:7-8

C. Christ submission glorified God - John 8:29

2. Honor - vs. 4-6

A. More about authority than "noggin"

B. Compare prayer and prophesying

3. Help meet - vs. 7-9

A. Man reflects glory of God and woman reflects glory of man

B. Man made for God and woman made for man

4. Heart - vs. 10-12

A. Know that creation demonstrates submission

B. Know that man and woman are co-dependent

C. Know God's plan is superior

5. Hair

A. Nature teaches this is correct

B. Church practice this is correct