Summary: During this incredible event two things are certain: Jesus performs His first miracle to reveal His glory, and, His disciples put their faith in Him. Would we respond by following Christ if we were there too?

Changing Water into Wine

John 2:1-11


Three year anniversary?

- The gospel of John screams of the faith that we should have in Christ

-- It is the clearest example of living life FOR the one who redeemed you and I

- If we can learn to love others like Jesus’ … we can bring them TO Him

-- Re: We won’t bring a friend to something we do not like

-- John demonstrates and challenges us to love people like Christ did

- Tonight, we will look at three of 6 “M’s” that happen in John 2

-- Today we will talk about Jesus' mother, His method, and His first miracle

- Read John 2:1-11 / Pray

∆ Point 1 – Jesus’s Mother

- Many people have sought to understand the timeline here (ref: third day – v1)

-- Re: This would’ve been after the temptation in the wilderness

-- Re: After Jesus had been baptized; and after the first disciples

-- APP: Perhaps this is three days after those first disciples joined Him …

- Caution: Don’t get drawn into debates about calendars … miss main thing

-- What is critical, is that this event takes place as the first of His ministry

-- Jesus and his mother, Mary, are both invited to a wedding in Cana (v2)

- As with most social functions, running out of something is never good

-- And here, at this critical celebration, they’ve run out of wine

- What would be noticed by the guests is how careless the family is

-- APP: They obviously don’t care enough about their guest to be prepared

-- It is a social blunder … which could lead to much ridicule

- Mary then presents a unique question to Jesus in v3 …

-- “They have no more wine” … and Jesus’ response really make me cringe:

-- “Woman, what do you want from me? This is not my concern …”

- What really was Jesus implying with this statement?

-- Well, it is actually quite simple. The word time is the Greek word “horo”

-- It is where we get our word, hour, from and it suggests a timeline

- Much like John 17:1, “After Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven and prayed: Father, the hour (time; horo) has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you.”

- APP: Jesus is stating that He is a divine timeline and it’s not now

-- But remember, Mary had carried the knowledge of Jesus’ birth for 30 years

-- At some point, she has got to be saying, “When will it be time???”

- TRANS: Mary then gives the most profound response (but NOT to Jesus)

∆ Point 2 – Jesus’s Methods

- Notice, this is said to the servants … to those who were sworn to serve

-- Challenge: Could this not be said to you and me as well as advice?

-- In v5 she says, “Do whatever he tells you.” Priceless!

- She gives the servants a command, to take note of what Jesus says

-- To respond to His words without delay; and to be quick about it

-- The word “Do” is not suggestive, it is a command – requires response

- The containers nearby could’ve held over 120 gallons of liquid

-- The servants were told to fill them with water, right to the brim

-- Consider the amount of liquid here: If one glass is about ½ pint

-- These jars would’ve contained roughly 1000 servings of wine

- If anyone said they didn’t have enough then, they’d be out of their minds

-- APP: But isn’t that just like God? To give us MORE than we really need?

- Jesus then commands the servants to take a glass to the master

-- He didn’t say to give it to the wait staff, or the food prep people

-- But, take this and ensure it gets into the master’s hands

- Somewhere between the kitchen and table, Jesus’ first miracle occurs

-- The wait staff simply obeyed, and believed this man who commanded them

- They would’ve taken this wine to the leader of the event of the evening (v8)

-- Perhaps a toastmaster or master of ceremonies; it would be very public

-- Their faith would’ve had to been solid considering the possible ridicule

- TRANS: Once it reached them, Jesus’s first miracle would be complete

∆ Point 3 – Jesus’s First Miracle

- Once he tasted this wine, he realizes it to be the best wine of the evening

-- Now, there is much discussion on whether or not this wine is alcoholic

-- So, let me try to unpack this and shed some light

- First, the Greek word used to describe the wine is “oinos”

-- This word, sadly, can refer to BOTH alcoholic and non-alcoholic wine

-- However, consider the atmosphere of the evening and where they are

- (Let’s be realistic) … if you were at this wedding drinking all evening

-- And then someone broke out some grape juice, even you’d know it

-- For us, we simply have to accept the culture of the day is what it is

-- At these kind of events, you’d be drinking wine and it would be ok

- However, what is hinted at is there must be some moderation

-- In v10 we see that people are drunk; and this is not really a great idea

-- It dulls the senses and we are called to be about our right minds

-- Living righteous takes conscious thought … and drunkenness dulls us

- Most of these weddings would be to use the best first

-- And then once people were tipsy, bring out the cheap stuff and pass it off

-- This would allow for financial savings as well as greater quantities

- Consider this … isn’t this example exactly like what the world offers?

-- We get the glamour of sin and all its attractive tentacles to ensnare us

-- And then once we are bound in it – it can easily control us with cheap thrill

- Eventually, the joy and attraction runs out and we are stuck in the mud

-- However, what God offers is THE best stuff, and it lasts (2,400 glasses)

- From this event, we know that two things happen for sure:

1. Jesus performs His first miracle (revealed His glory), and,

2. The disciples put their faith in Him

-- For the disciples … this was the end of it … they were 100% sold out

- TRANS: Something I want you to see here as we close … stick with me

∆ Big Idea

- In verse 6 we see something very interesting about these jars

-- (KJV) “And there were set there six water pots of stone, after the manner of the purifying of the Jews… ”

- They were set aside after being cleaned in a proper Jewish manner

-- They stood ready to be used as ceremonial (religious) washing vessels

-- APP: The jars were ready to receive something new – something fresh inside

- Jesus came to fill the old Law and establish with them (us) a new one

-- His blood would be the ceremonial cleansing that each of us would need

-- His death would fulfill and spiritually cleanse the temple once and for all

- Do you remember the last supper with Jesus and the disciples?

-- Remember when He raised the cup and committed to them a new covenant?

-- You have to wonder if any of them remembered this wedding in Cana …

- Those jars were prepared to receive something new in them

-- They were set aside and ready … just as Jesus was set aside and ready

-- APP: This first miracle has far more behind it than we could ever understand

- It represents the cleansing of the old and being filled with the new

-- What a wonderful picture of what Christ did for us … He replaced the old

-- Christ transformed temple cleansing water into eternal saving wine

-- And just nearby, happened to be the very vessels that would signify this

- We will pick this up on Sunday …

- Pray