Summary: Exposition of Genesis 47 v 2, how some of joseph's brothers stood out among their peers

Genesis 47 v 2: And from among his brothers he took five men and presented them to Pharaoh.

Interpretation of the verse obtained from meditating on the scripture: Joseph had 11 brothers and he selected (5) out of his brothers who were distinguished above their peers; they must have had the following attributes: eloquent, presentable, and knowledgeable, highly skillful men, diligent in their work and above all fit to be brought into the King's presence. Joseph wanted to create a favourable impression about his family. I believe the five men that were selected were Reuben, Judah, Benjamin, Levi and Issachar.

Life Principle: Every minute of the day as we think of the second coming of our Lord, we should remember that people around us whether at work or in other secular activities are constantly watching us and are evaluating us. Hence if we want to reach the top or make the most of God's plan for lives we must use all opportunities wisely and always strive to do our best in all our endeavours. When we refuse to do our best we limit our destinies! From the scripture above (Genesis 47 v 2) we can see that even though all the 12 brothers were blessed some were more blessed than their peers because they strove for perfection.

Prayer Points:

1) Anointing to distinguished amongst my peers fall upon my life, in Jesus name.

2) Anointing to be excellent, diligent and committed in all my endeavours baptise my life in Jesus name.

3) I shall arise and shine and be ten times better than all my contemporaries in Jesus name.

4) Oh Lord connect me with people who will move me forward in my life in Jesus name.

5) Oh God arise, give me divine favour in Jesus name.