Summary: God's young army of warriors

Psalm 110 v 3: Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning; thou hast the dew of thy youth.

Interpretation of the scripture based on my meditation:

When the message of salvation is preached, the anointing will come upon God's minister in that day and many young men will receive surrender their lives to the Lord and will willingly obey his commands. Hence they will be holy and dressed in spiritual royal garment of holiness. These young converts will willingly use all their energy, gifts, talents and strength to revigorate the church! Let's pray for more anointing to fall on all God's ministers as they evangelise so that they can win all the lost souls for christ!

Life Application:

Prayer Points:

1) Oh lord, increase the power of your wonders during ministrations of servants of God in Jesus name.

2) Oh Lord, increase the number of souls being saved exponentially in Jesus name.

3) Empower the youth to seek after you in the days of their youth in Jesus name.

4) Let the prophecy of Psalm 110 v 3 and Joel 2 v 28 be fulfilled concerning the youth in Nigeria in Jesus name.

5) Oh Lord, give confidence, anointing and scriptural knowledge to evangelists who preach to save lost souls in Jesus name.

6) Oh Lord, create a great earthquake, unrest, and complete dissatisfaction in the hearts of all genuine Christians all over the world to reach out to the lost souls of the youth all over the world in Jesus name.

7) Converts all your genuine Christians all over the world to radical youth evangelist with the motor to win souls at all costs in Jesus name.

8) Every evil cataract in the eye blocking the youths from perceiving the salvation of the lord, every blockage in their spiritual eyes stopping them from hearing the message of salvation, every blockage in the brain stopping them from comprehending the salvation of the lord, every blockage in the heart-stopping them from believing in God's salvation, heavenly Father please dissolve them in Jesus name.

9) Empower and create a mighty army of evangelists like in the days of Ezekiel that will reach all the unreached youth in the world in Jesus name.

10) Let the youth see visions of heaven and prophesy in Jesus name.

11) Let the youth readily accept the command of the Lord and follow its every precept and use all their energy to revigorate the church in Jesus name.